Elder Dragons are a staple of the Monster Hunter series. Introduced in the first generation of monsters, these mystical creatures are ancient and incredibly powerful. In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Fury, these beasts can only be battled and obtained after the main story. But much like the Deviant Monsters, Elder Dragons are hard to come by.

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If you're up for the challenge, these rare specimens can be found in the super rare dens that spawn randomly. However, these are so unbelievably rare that a trip to the bottlecap merchant might be more advisable. Alongside gathering the resources for some of the best armor in the game, collecting these monsties is a must if you wish to become one of the most powerful riders out there.

There are five Elder Dragons in total. What must be remembered is that all these monsties have ample amounts of power and potential. So, with a little patience and a hint of luck, you could be the proud owner of the Elder Dragons.

5 No.124: Kushala Daora

The monsterpedia entry for Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Kushala Daora, a part of the second generation of monsters in the Monster Hunter series, was first brought to screens in Monster Hunter 2. Found in the woodland, desert, and flowery dens, this technical orientated Elder Dragon has a great ice attack stat and ample defense. It has the lowest overall attack stats out of all the Elder Dragons, yet only by a slim margin.

This dragon makes for a reliable staple in anyone's team. Alongside its consistent attack and defense stats, Kushala Daora also ranks high with its speed, health, and critical hit rate. Additionally, this monstie can use the riding action 'fly', making travel far easier. What lets this Elder Dragon down is that it doesn't pack the same punch as the others do. Its ice stats aren't as high as Kirin's electric attack or Teostra's fire attack. Despite this, Kushala Daora is still a great choice for you riders out there.


4 No. 122: Teostra

The monsterpedia entry for Teostra in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Hidden amongst the vines of the jungle den or the molten magma of the volcanic den, this Elder Dragon truly is the lord of fire. Teostra sports the highest fire attack in the game as well as holding the title of tied second-highest amount of health out of all monsties. As logic would dictate, this dragon does have a weakness to water, so stay away from the likes of a Mizutsune.

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But what can tip Teostra over the edge is the blast gene. With a combination of fire and blast genes, this build will see damage inflicted as you've never seen before. Unfortunately, Teostra does have the lowest critical attack rate out of all the elder dragons. However, with massive firepower and great health, Teostra really is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

3 No. 098: Nergigante

The monsterpedia entry for Nergigante in Monster Hunter Stories 2

As ferocious as it is powerful, Nergigante really does have everything going for it. With the second-highest none elemental attack stat paired with its decent defense, this dragon could pose a serious threat in player versus player combat. But the stats do not stop there. Nergigante, being the versatile monstie that it is, also has great speed and a good amount of health.

What makes this Elder Dragon a must is its high health recovery stat. Combine this with Nergigante's move Calamity Slash which allows this monstie to self regenerate health for the next few turns and deal massive damage. This could make a build that will keep it on the battlefield forever.

There is a catch. As always there is a weakness, in this case from lightning damage. Much like Teostra, Nergigante also has a low critical hit rate, so keep that in mind when meticulously searching for this egg. If you can look over the low crit rate, Nergigante should be an Elder Dragon that you consider for your team.

2 No.121: Kirin

The monsterpedia entry for Kirin in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Despite Kirin not particularly looking much like a dragon, this indomitable steed found in the jungle, desert, and flowery den is a great way to amp up your team. With one of the highest lightning attacks in the game and holding one of the highest speeds in-game as well, this Elder Dragon could be a threat to any opposing team.

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Kirin is easily able to paralyze foes. By coupling that with the insane speed that Kirin sports, you can attack first, get massive lightning damage in, and leave your enemies unable to attack. Kirin does have the lowest health out of all the elder dragons, but only by a slim margin. On top of that, it does have a weakness to fire attacks as well.

For what it lacks in health, it makes up in its critical hit rate. This monstie is perfect for getting in fast and causing massive and infuriating damage - a must for your team.

1 No.125: Velkhana

The monsterpedia entry for Velkhana in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Arguably the most powerful monster in the game, Velkhana is an absolute beast in the midst of battle. Found in the Snowy mountain/Volcanic Dens, this Elder Dragon has a great range of stats. Its health is joint second-highest alongside Teostra and it has the highest ice attack in the game.

What makes this dragon so powerful (and potentially overpowered) is the ability to use 'skill seal', which when used prevents enemies from using special moves. By limiting your opponent's choices to only standard attacks, Velkhana can prove to be a major threat in player versus player combat.

Wait, there's more. Out of the battlefield, Velkhana also can use the riding action 'fly'. You can soar through the skies whilst you know that you are riding the most powerful creature in the game. With great stats, high speed, great PVP potential, and a great ability, Velkhana really is the best of the best.

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