It's easy to be a hunter in Monster Hunter World: IceborneAs long as you're not actually hunting, that is. The frosty expansion to Monster Hunter World introduced some tough beasts to the battlefield but made everything else more pleasant. Quality of life improvements include a more efficient hub area, more decorations to increase customization, and mounts. Getting around the maps has never been easier thanks to local friendly creatures. There's one, however, who isn't so friendly.

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The Wulg

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne makes you finish the main story before taking on the expansion content. That means that you've probably completed the side quests to befriend the tailraiders of the various maps. You've got Jagras, Girros, and Shamos friends all over the New World. Once you have the Iceborne expansion, you'll be able to call upon any of these creatures to give you a ride. Talk to your Palico in Seliana to unlock the ability. Once unlocked, "Raider Ride" will show up in your command menu.

Iceborne introduces a new area, the Hoarfrost Reach, and a new tailraider to go along with it. That skunk-wolverine hybrid up there is called a Wulg. The Wulg won't be as eager to let you hop on for a ride at first. To earn that right, you'll have to do some quests.

Starting The Boaboa Quest

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Your journey for a Wulg mount starts in Seliana. Talk to the Lynian Researcher who sits in front of the commander's tent. He'll tell you that there's a new type of Grimalkyne (the cats) in the Hoarfrost reach. These savage little dudes are called Boaboa, and they don't seem very eager to chat. The Lynian Researcher will ask you to speak their language by hunting a large monster in their territory.

The task really is that straightforward. Go on an expedition to the Hoarfrost reach and pick any big monster there to take down. Obviously the quickest thing to do would be to pick something easy like Beotodus. But if you're farming Barioth or Velkhana, you do you. Either way, return to camp, NOT Seliana, once you've done the deed.


Making Friends With The Boaboa

Back at camp, the Boaboa will say that they're impressed and offer to show you their home. You will follow them to their cave. Here's a video of the journey in case you need a visual, courtesy of Weiss Gaming.

The Boaboa will ask you to hunt a Tempered Beotodus as a final show of your strength. And that's exactly what you'll do. This time it is a quest and not an expedition, so you'll have to go back to Seliana or to your handler at camp to formally begin the quest. Do the quest, then return to the Boaboa. As thanks, they'll give you their tailraider signal and become your allies.

Getting The Wulg Tailraider And What It Does

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Getting the tailraider signal isn't actually the end. There's one tiny little thing left to do. Go to camp and talk to your Palico three times. They should announce that they've learned the trick to taming Wulg from your new Boaboa friends. That will unlock Raider Ride in the Hoarfrost Reach.

You can activate Raider Ride from the command menu on the bottom right or the radial menu. Using the ability will cause your hunter to whistle and summon a Wulg from the wild. Press the interact button (circle on PS4) to mount the beast.

You can't actually control a Raider Ride. They will walk on their own, although you can control the speed and intent. If you're tracking a monster, the Wulg will pick up the scent and automatically travel towards it, allowing you to use items to prepare for battle. If you're not tracking anything, the tailraider will wander about, taking you to gathering spots and other points of interest. They won't fight, and may become fatigued if you ride for too long. They're best suited as a sort of fast travel method for when you want to get to a monster and are tired of walking the same path for the hundredth time. Enjoy your new furry steed!

Source: Weiss Gaming

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