One of the best multiplayer indie games around, Monster Prom is a multiplayer dating sim where up to four players compete to earn prom dates with the various ghouls, monsters and undead beings that roam Spooky High. The game has earned praise for its fun social aspects, countless endings and complex characters. It's also hilarious as hell.

With a sequel that has smashed its Kickstarter goal, its time to look at the 10 most hilarious characters in the original game. Which ones do we love and make us laugh the most? Find out below fellow PRANK MASTERZ!

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10 Polly

Life is short, so you might as well make the most of the time you have... unless you become a ghost in which case party time never ends for you! That's exactly the blessed life that Polly Geist lives.

Though her life ended tragically in a car accident, this hasn't stopped her from enjoying all the sweet and forbidden desires of life including sex, drugs and partying hard enough to wake the dead. Her reckless regard for rules and structure gets her and the player involved in hilarious scenarios every time.


9 Leonard

Picture the worst Youtube commenter you've ever imagined in your life. That's exactly who Leonard The Kappa is.

Now while there's nothing funny about those real-life failures, Leonard is hilarious because everybody in the game knows just how pathetic he is. Often smacked down by the other characters or made to look like a loser in debates, Leonard is not so much a character you laugh with, but laugh at. Regardless, he still gets us to chuckle.

8 Interdimensional Prince

Easily the most flamboyant character in Monster Prom, The Inter-Dimensional Prince travels from beyond the stars in search of love and aid. Although he's very much a smug jerk, he is also amazingly incompetent for a cosmic royalty.

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He often requires help with the simplest of tasks like changing the ringtone on his phone. Not only that, but unlike noble princes who exhibit chivalry, this dude will usually go to ridiculous lengths to find a partner like host game shows or craft insane lies. Still, it's hard not laugh at how extra he is.

7 Coach

Every high school needs a memorable sports coach, and who better than somebody simply named... Coach! If you think that he bears a resemblance to a certain greeaaaaaat tiger, that's no coincidence as Coach became a coach due to the shame of his father being a purveyor of sugary cereal.

If you ever needed a wholesome and energetic anthropomorphic animal to whip you into shape, Coach is your man. His penchant for turning everything into an exercise and his extreme gullibility makes for great fun in Monster Prom.

6 Liam

Hey, what's Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants doing in Monster Prom? We kid of course as that kind of connection would be way too mainstream for someone of Liam's taste. But there are quite a few similarities they share.

The resident hipster of this dating sim, Liam The Vampire turns his nose up at many events in the game and tries to be on the cutting edge of culture. Like Squidward, he often makes snide comments and degrades his more, ahem, gullible classmates and sneers at them alongside his pal Vera. However, he's still plenty funny as the butt of many jokes so he earns a spot here.

5 Scott

You want to know who's the best boy in Monster Prom? Scott is the best boy in Monster Prom.  Yes he is, yes he is...

Ahem, sorry about that little sidebar. Anyway, it's pretty safe to say that if you don't love this werewolf's infectious energy and inability to comprehend the basics of human err we mean monster existence, you have no soul. Scott is often seen working out and getting dragged into various schemes with other characters but his pure-hearted naivety never fails to draw laughter out of players.

4 Calculester

A robot trying to fit into a world of depravity and immorality, perhaps Spooky High isn't the best place for Calculester to be but he is still a bucket of bolts and laughs regardless.

Introduced in the game's Second Term DLC, Calculester alongside Scott are the two most kind-hearted characters in the game. Unlike Scott though, Calculester is incredibly smart but due to his new status as a "person" he has trouble understanding the nuances of conversation and expressions. The way jokes go over his head make for great fun to players enjoying his LCD face.

Also if you're looking for his best scene, seek out the scene where he attempts to ask out a vending machine. Classic.

3 Miranda

The most blissfully unaware despot you've ever known, Miranda has had her entire life handed to her by her family who rules over the oceans. But despite her family's cruel and ruthless dictatorship, it never occurs to her that she can possibly be... evil.

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Whether she's abusing her serfs to do everything from chewing her food or sacrificing their lives we can't help but love her and laugh at her when she's completely oblivious to her surroundings. Just don't piss her off though as you will get thrown into a dungeon. Quickly.

2 Damien

The moodiest and angriest of all the romance options, Damien is the kid you knew in high school who would vandalize and burn everything but instead of being terrified of him, we can laugh with/at this demon.

Fuelled by a fiery passion in whatever he does, Damien puts a 110% effort into everything he does whether it's fighting, hair-dressing, fighting, burning things and finally, fighting. If you want something funny to happen, just poke this bear and you're bound to get an angry rant that you'll remember for the rest of your days.

1 Zoe

The second new main romance option in the "Second Term" DLC, Zoe (a.k.a Z'gord, the Ruler Of The Dark Realms) is a monster that Dungeons & Dragons players would slay rather than romance in a dating sim. But they've never seen a tentacle monster act so cute and funny.

Obsessed with writing fanfiction and all things nerd culture, Zoe is exactly the kind of girl/monster that we would have loved to be around in high school. Her excitement and delight at causing mischief and shipping the other monsters in the school make her a joy to be around and one of the funniest characters in the game.

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