An announcement regarding the English version of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure could be imminent, as a teaser site for the game is live and it will fully open at the end of the month.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was a bizarre JRPG that was released for the original PlayStation back in 1997. The game parodied and played with the tropes of the JRPGs from the 16-bit era. An English localization of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was planned back in 1997, but it never came to pass and the game remained in Japan. Moon: Remix RPG Adventure received a huge resurgence of interest in 2017 when Toby Fox called it one of the biggest inspirations for Undertale. Moon: Remix RPG Adventure has since been ported to the Nintendo Switch in Japan, where it performed the amazing feat of stealing the #1 spot in the eShop charts from Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition. The developers promised that Moon: Remix RPG Adventure would also be released in English for the first time.

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An English localization for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was announced last year, but statements from the development team have suggested that work is progressing slowly on the game. It seems that an announcement could be happening at the end of July, as a teaser site for the English version of the game is now live and it will fully open in 12 days' time.

Moon RPG Remix Unused Ending Youtube

The Switch has become a porting machine, with many Wii U games finally having a chance to shine on the system. The Switch has also received a number of third-party ports and remasters, which are usually the preferred choice over games on other systems, due to the portable nature of the console.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure didn't leave much of an impression back in the day, but it's a different era now, and with the push of the Undertale connection, it might finally find an audience among modern gamers.


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