EA Motive has confirmed that we won't be seeing any more from Dead Space until next year.

As reported by PCGamer, the announcement comes from the Dead Space subreddit, where the developers at EA Motive shared some work-in-progress footage of the game.

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Underneath a post showing an artist modelling some walls and floors, EA Motive community manager Caden House said, "hank you for tuning in to our livestream last week! If you weren’t able to catch it live, you can view it here. We’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing all of your feedback and reactions. It was important to us to give you an early look at what we’ve been working on so you could tell us your thoughts. We’ll continue reading your feedback and what your expectations are for the remake of Dead Space.

He continued, "Everything we showed was a work in progress which means that we’ll be working on things like Isaac’s suit, the aesthetic and ambiance of the Ishimura. We’re doing work to ensure it has the right level of wear and tear. For example, here is an early work in progress clip showing some of the ways that the team is going to be giving that worn look to the Ishimura.

"We’re going to be heads down now working on the game, taking some time to review all the thoughts, theories, and suggestions you’ve all shared with us. We look forward to showing you how you’ve helped shape the game next year when we’re further in development!"


EA Motive has been fairly open with Dead Space's development up until this point, even showing off early versions of the game just last week, so it makes sense that it would be transparent about when people can expect to see more from the game. Dead Space is currently slated to release in late-2022, which means that EA Motive is going to need all of the time that it can get to get it finished.

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