The Season of Time is now up for konquest in Mortal Kombat 11, and following last month’s ‘Season of Blood’, players will perform similar quests and an online grind to snag some of the nicest rewards up for grabs. As always, even if you are an Apprentice rank in the game there are still plenty of rewards that can be gained simply be working towards the quests listed below. There are only a few skins gated behind the highest ranks of play. Here are all the cosmetics that can be attained this season, which vary in how they are acquired, still there is something for everyone.


Daily Challenges

The rewards have not changed here and will continue to award 50 Time Krystals each day for completing five sets of Kombat League matches, which only require that you participate in matches every day, as opposed to needing to win. So, even if you lose often, you get some great practice and still a nice reward for your effort.

Seasonal Challenges

If for any reason you are not advancing in these quests, with connecting Fatal Blows, that might be saying something about your playstyle, and that a change is needed overall. Consider swapping to a character that makes connecting with such attacks simpler, such as our good friend Erron Black, who can connect his from across the screen in the form of a projectile.

  • Challenge: Connect 10 Fatal Blows – Reward: Brutality, Cassie Cage – Fully Disarmed
  • Challenge: Connect 25 Uppercuts - Reward: Gear, Scorpion – Harumi’s Proector
  • Challenge: Complete 10 ranked Daily Challenges - Reward: Brutality – Jade – Getting Ahead
  • Challenge: Complete 15 Kombat League Sets - Reward: Gear, Erron Black – Abilene .375
  • Challenge: Spill 10,000 Pints of Blood - Reward: Gear – Gear, Skarlet – Ancient Edenian Handblade
  • Challenge: Complete all Season Challenges - Reward: Skin – Erron Black – Time Bandit

The completion reward for Erron Black is a nice gesture, as last season only the top ranks received a skin for the character. Going forward, will Mortal Kombat 11 provide a completion skin for the same character who had the highest ranked one in the season before? We will have to wait and see for season 3.


Rank Rewards – Time Skins

Now we get into the rewards that take time and effort to acquire. As we saw in the first season, these rewards are gated through a grind of online kombat, but offer enticing rewards that consist of cosmetic items, all types of currencies, and finally, unique skins we cannot find anywhere else. Climbing from Apprentice to Elder God last season proved to be a mix of skill and free time, as the grind in gaining points is no quick thing.

While reaching the top may be out of reach for casual players who simply do not have the time to commit to this one mode of online competitive play, there is some comfort in knowing that players are awarded up to the highest tier they reach. With this in mind, players should aim to simply do their best, knowing that they will still unlock a tier of rewards once they reach it.

  • Apprentice Rank: Unlock a skin for Kollector “Kollector of time”, 100,000 Koins, Gear – Baraka – Defender of the Old Tribes
  • Kombatant Rank: 500 Soul Fragments, Gear – Kitana – Steel Butterfly Wings
  • Warrior Rank: 250 Hearts, Gear – Kano – Optic Daggers
  • Champion Rank: Unlock a skin for Raiden “God of the Infinite”, 100 Time Krystals, Gear – Cassie Cage – Katy Binary
  • Master Rank: 200 Time Krystals, Gear Kung Lao – Keen-Edged Steel
  • Grand Master Rank: 300 Time Krystals, Gear - Kollector – Captain Kira’s Ribs
  • Demi-God Rank: Unlock a skin for Jacquir Briggs “Aleph Naught”, 500 Time Krystals, Gear – D’Vorah – Climex Lecturlarii
  • God Rank: 1,000 Time Krystals, Gear – Raiden – Downburst Rod
  • Elder God Rank: 2,000 Time Krystals, Gear – Liu Kang – Blasting Cannon Punch

As with season one, rewards will be given out after the conclusion and the start of Season III, along with an icon and banner.

Overall, the rewards for the second season look fantastic in terms of theme and are a strong follow up to the first season. It appears that the developers have decided to maintain the short season of only four weeks, which felt like a great length of time previously and helps with keeping the game feeling new and fresh. Hopefully, the developers maintain these short seasons in play, as some games tend to suffer from stagnation with seasons drag on, as seen recently with Fortnite.

While the rewards look great for this season’s grind, we were hoping that the development team for Mortal Kombat 11 would be sharing some important stats about the first season. We are curious to know how many players reached the Elder God tier, and what percentage of players that amounts to. Hearthstone offers a monthly summary of how one has done in terms of competitive ladder play by indicating that one is within a certain percentage of top players.


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At the same time, it would also be interesting, or simply fun to know who the most used characters are, the least, and everything in between. Complaints over Scorpion showing up in every match is all but a tired meme by this point, but player perception is not often in line with the true numbers. If anything, a summary of odd or interesting stats would be appreciated at the end of each season, something like which fatalities were most used most, or how many Mercies backfired and resulted in a match loss!

An important point brought up at the start of the first season was how these limited cosmetics would be handled in the future. As mentioned, we do not know what percentage of players reached the minimum tier of Demi God to get the rarest skin, and many players are likely wondering if they have lost their chance forever to obtain the cosmetic item. On the one hand, those top players must enjoy the reward of having a rare skin, but then again, need it be gated forever? Some information from the developers would be handy in this case.

For now, it is a minor concern. Even a casual player can likely unlock all of the completion quest rewards and the first tier of ranked play. It is only really the second that requires more time, and the top requiring far more time and skill. And to be honest, seeing a player in ranked play with the top Blood skin for Erron Black from last season sends a shiver down this writer’s spine, before he is quickly trounced by the high-ranked cowboy.

In closing, we cannot omit one glaring problem with the season, and that is that as this is the Season of Time, how did Geras, our resident time manipulator, not get skins or gear related to his theme. It is his whole schtick! Best of luck to all who aim for the top!

Mortal Kombat 11 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

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