While Mortal Shell is undoubtedly influenced by the Dark Souls games, the map design takes a few more cues from the lesser appreciated game in the series, Dark Souls 2. Like much of that title, progression in Mortal Shell occurs in a mostly linear fashion. But unlike Dark Souls 2, you are not free to fast travel from the start of the game. Once you take one of these paths all the way to the end, you'll be forced to hike back the same way you came in order to start exploring the next zone.

Backtracking can be a major time sink, and even lead to unnecessary deaths, but there is a fast travel system to circumvent this. However, the game in no way makes it clear how to access it. Here's everything you need to know about fast traveling in Mortal Shell.

Bring A Shell To Max Level

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This may seem irrelevant to fast traveling, but is completely necessary. There are four shells you can find in Mortal Shell, which you can level up by speaking with Sester Genessa. Unless you focus all your Glimpses on one shell from the start, fully leveling up a shell can take a bit of time. Once you do get your first shell fully upgraded, she will open up an inventory of items you can purchase.


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All her items also cost Glimpses, with the item we're looking for priced way above the rest at 30 Glimpses. This may seem very pricey, and it is, but is well worth getting as early as possible if you plan on thoroughly exploring this game. The item is called the Ornate Mask and is an unlimited use item.

Using Fast Travel

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Once you've saved up enough and purchased your very own Ornate Mask, you can use it to fast travel to any location you've been to that a Sester Genessa resides. This includes Fallgrim Tower in Fallgrim, the Temple Grounds, Monument of Ash, Sanctum of Flame in the Shrine of Ash, Eternal Narthex, Dim Gate, Shivering Archives in the Seat of Infinity, Abandoned Chamber, Enshrined Sanctum, and Martyr's Altar in the Crypt of Martyrs.

You can use the mask as an item, either from your inventory or equipped in your quick slot, to open the fast travel menu. Alternatively you can also access fast travel by speaking to Sester Genessa at any of these locations and fast travel from there. Once you use the mask four times you will also fully level the item's familiarity which increases the amount of Tar you earn after using it for one minute.


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While this may seem like an all powerful tool, there are some downsides and limitations to how fast travel works. First is the obvious, which is that you are not likely to be able to get your hands on the mask until later on in the game. This is mitigated somewhat by the fact that you will carry over the mask into your NG+ run if you choose to do one, but will have to revisit all of those locations first before you can warp to them.

Otherwise, you are also prevented from fast traveling under two conditions. One is if you are in a boss fight, and the other when you have a boss gland currently in your inventory. Other than that, you're free to fast travel to your heart's content.

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