The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica expansion for Dungeons and Dragons is an exciting addition to the material available for players and dungeon masters alike. It comes with the entire world of Ravnica, a plane that encompasses a sprawling city and populated by a host of interesting creatures. The inhabitants of this plane are a part of ten separate guilds, each with their own ideologies and goals. The expansion details all ten guilds provide information for new races, classes, and perhaps most excitingly, new monsters. Much like the inhabitants, many monsters and creatures are associated with each of the guilds. So, in this list, we’ll give the most powerful creature from each guild, starting from the lowest Challenge Rating (CR) to the highest.

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10 The Deathpact Angels of the Orzhov Syndicate (CR 14, 175 Hit Points)

When most people think of angels, they picture kind, beautiful, benign creatures. Deathpact Angels are quite striking in appearance, but they are far from benign. These angels of the Orzhov Syndicate grant special favors in exchange for one’s mortal soul. Once a debtor has died, they become an indentured spirit that serves and protects the angel.

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During the battle, these spirits can destroy its undead soul to revive its fallen angel with one hit point. In addition, the angel can cast charming spells to set enemies up to be affected by their ability to drain a charmed creature of health or stun it. They also deal necrotic damage by swinging their golden scythes to cut down foes.


9 Zegana, Leader of the Simic Combine (CR 16, 130 Hit Points)

The Simic Combine is made up of nine different factions and the leaders of these elect only one to be the Prime Speaker and leader of their Guild; this currently is Zegana. Zegana is a merfolk with brilliant, electric blue frills and fins and she wields the Prime Speaker’s Trident as her primary weapon.

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The Trident not only pierces its foes, it also does thunder damage and has a chance to push enemies away from Zegana. She is also a powerful spellcaster, able to summon walls of water and cast a bevy of spells to help her in combat as well as do damage. Due to her power and the nature of members of the Simic Combine, she has a few legendary powers and resistances.

8 Lazav, Leader of the House Dimir (CR 17, 204 Hit Points)

House Dimir is made of a network of spies, assassins, and informants with the House’s leader, Lazav, at the head. No one knows just who or even what Lazav is. He is a skilled shapeshifter and can be anyone, anywhere, at any time. While he doesn’t necessarily have powerful spells or crazy attacks, what makes him challenging is how efficient he is at avoiding damage.

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Most of his spells are aimed at doing just that and compounding this issue, Lazav is immune to psychic control and spells that peer into the mind. His primary weapon is a shortsword but Lazav’s most interesting attack is known as Shifting Nightmare, where Lazav rapidly cycles through the forms of terrifying creatures and hits all creatures near him with elemental damage of his choosing.

7 Trostani, Leader of the Selesnya Conclave (CR 18, 252 Hit Points)

Trostani, the leader of the Selesnya Conclave, is actually three powerful dryads; Harmony, Life, and Order. They combine under one name, Trostani, and share one large tree-like body that each dryad branch off from. Trostani delivers the divine messages she receives to the Conclave and guides them through conflict. She can cast powerful healing spells and spells to control the plant life and animals around her to maintain mastery of the battlefield. She can move within the trees around her, have the trees bludgeon and slash at foes in a whirlwind of branches and thorns, or animate them to join the fight. Trostani can also dispel magic and suspend the effects of magic items. All her attacks count as if she is using magical weapons.

6 Borborygmos, Leader of the Gruul Clans (CR 18, 270 Hit Points)

Borborygmos is a huge cyclops that rules over the scattered clans of the Gruul with an iron fist that comes down on his challengers with impossible strength and force. He has two abilities that strike fear into his opponents. First, his mere presence has a chance to frighten adversaries and send them running for the hills and he also has an intimidating bellow to accomplish the same effect. His physical attacks include crushing foes underneath his massive maul or by stomping them into the dirt. If you challenge Borborygmos, the only saving grace you might have is to attack from a distance. While he can still hurl boulders at you because Borborygmos is a cyclops, its harder for him to hit you due to his poor depth perception.

5 Isperia, Leader of the Azorius Senate (CR 21, 261 Hit Points)

The Supreme Judge Isperia is a gargantuan sphinx who decides the letter of Ravnica law and delivers orders to the Azorius Senate on how to enforce that law. She wishes to bring absolute order to the chaotic Ravnica and counts on the law to dictate the way.

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She is immune to mind and emotion reading spells and is resistant to spell damage and non-magical attacks. Isperia does not often use lethal force against attackers and thus the majority of her library of spells is about the control and containment of her opponents. In addition, her authoritative presence has a chance to command creatures to take actions of her choosing.

4 Jarad Von Savo, Leader of the Golgari Swarm (CR 22, 180 Hit Points)

The Golgari Swarm is made up of various warriors and shamans that utilize and worship necromantic magics. Their current leader is Jarad Von Savo. Jarad has many spells at his disposal. Many of them have wide areas of effect to damage large groups all at once with poison and necrotic damage. Simply being near Jarad is bad for one’s health as he can release spores to deal poison damage. Jarad is a lich and regenerates health on every turn unless he's been damaged by fire or radiance. In addition, if he does lose all his hit points, there is a chance he can revive with one hit point. With these two traits combined, Jarad can not die unless you stop his regeneration and prevent him from persevering.

3 Aurelia, Leader of the Boros Legion (CR 23, 287 Hit Points)

Aurelia is the pinnacle of angels in Ravnica. As the leader of the Boros Legion, she is determined to command her troops justly and to protect the weak, downtrodden, and those caught in the crossfire of guild conflicts. Her temper, when confronted with wickedness, is legendary and she will leap into battle in a heartbeat. She poses a sizeable threat on the battlefield, not only because she is a capable fighter by dishing out steady damage with longsword strikes, but if she is accompanied by allies, on her turn she can command up to three of them to attack. Her fearsomeness also has a chance to frighten her opponents and her Warleader’s Helix attack damages an enemy creature and heals an ally that is nearby.

2 Rakdos, Leader of the Cult of Rakdos (CR 24, 300 Hit Points)

Rakdos is a towering demon lord and the object of worship for the aptly named Cult of Rakdos. The only thing he values more than sadism and hedonism is the art of putting on a show. Rakdos himself always makes a grand entrance with a crown of fire upon his head and a flaming scythe lovingly named Curtain Call. In battle his very presence has the chance to charm all who can see him, which he can then manipulate to attack the creature nearest to them, regardless if its an ally or not. The Curtain Call scythe slashes through victims and sears them with fire damage as well. In addition, he can attack with his claws, which can poison the receiving creature.

1 Niv-Mizzet, Leader of the Izzet League (CR 26, 370 Hit Points)

The most powerful creature in all of Ravnica is also the most intelligent. Enter Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind; a gargantuan, ancient red dragon that founded the Izzet League and continues to lead it to this day. He has dedicated thousands of years of his guild’s efforts, as well as his own, to collecting knowledge and pursuing magical and scientific advances. The Firemind is a formidable opponent, not only because he possesses the power of a standard ancient red dragon, but he is an insanely powerful spellcaster. His spells go up to the highest level and run the gambit from control, to buffing effects, to massive damage. He also has the ability to regenerate some of his weaker spells and maintain two lasting spells at once.

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