Over the years Lego has become a firm family favorite in many households across the globe. It’s durable, seemingly lasts forever and offers you a way to really be creative. Despite its alternative use as a form of punishment when you step on it barefoot Lego has a place in many households. From toddlers through to teens and all the way up to adults these tiny building blocks have fans of all ages.

While many Lego enthusiasts may build sets, collect themed Lego or simply play with their kids there are others who take it a step further. These are the master builders, as The Lego Movie says.

As there are now many different Lego sets this has also meant an increasing number of different types of bricks. Lego is no longer limited to square houses with square doors and windows topped with a triangle roof. It has evolved far beyond that, with themed sets often offering unique pieces. This expansion has really helped boost the number of amazing creations you can build with it.

Lego has always lent itself to creativity and some fans are thinking big. From giant life-size statues to small dioramas, Lego can be used to create anything you can imagine. Looking at the bricks available and seeing what can be created without the aid of instructions is an art form.

In these 30 pictures, Lego fans have gone above and beyond to create some iconic film characters and scenes from those tiny little blocks.

30 Lego Hogwarts: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Via Alice Finch on Flickr

While Lego has released several Harry Potter sets they all pale in comparison to Alice Finch’s 400,000 brick recreation of the entirety of Hogwarts.

Comprising not just Hogwarts itself but also Hagrid’s hut and other areas of the grounds, this enormous build took 12 months to create.

While the outside is impressive the inside is even more so as Alice recreated scenes from the movies inside different areas of the castle. These include a feast in the great hall, classrooms, common rooms and even a chamber of secrets.

You can see more images of both the exterior and interior on her Flickr account.


29 Lego Kaiju Attack: Pacific Rim

Via OliveSeon on Flickr

This diorama homage to 2013’s science fiction monster movie Pacific Rim was made by OliveSeon. It contains a roughly 50:50 ratio of classic Lego sets and original creations. This is due to the fact it was commissioned for promotional purposes by Lego.

The tiny details in the model are what makes this stand out.

From the train under the city to the boat as a weapon this model really pays attention to detail and is a perfect representation of the movie.

You can see the models in more detail on OliveSeon’s Flickr.

28 Lego T800 Bust: The Terminator

Via Martin Latta on Flickr

If you’ve ever watched The Terminator you should be able to instantly recognize the Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Terminator, otherwise known as T-800. This mass-produced Terminator from Skynet is an instantly recognizable staple of the franchise.

This amazing T-800 bust was built by the talented Martin Latta and is a rebuild of a previous sculpture he made.

It features glowing eyes and an incredibly detailed shoulder area. Even the plinth has been well thought out, with tiny skeletons hidden in the sides.

You can see more images on Martin’s Brickshelf gallery.

27 Lego Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Via Ukbusinessinsider

This stunning Wonder Woman statue was built by Mark Roe, one of Lego’s master builders. It is based on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Roe used 3D scans from the movie stills in order to map out the structure on a computer before building began.

It was built for San Diego Comic-Con in order to promote both Lego and the Wonder Woman movie. The detail is stunning and the attention to detail enables you to recognize the exact version of the iconic superhero Roe is creating.

You can see more images in this brief interview with the creator.

26 Lego X-Wing: Star Wars

Via Mashable

This stunning life-size Lego X-Wing from the classic Star Wars movies was actually built to promote Cartoon Network series, The Yoda Chronicles.

It comprises of 5,335,200 Lego bricks and is 11 feet tall, 43 feet long and 44 feet wide.

Although it has a steel infrastructure inside the entirety of the outside is constructed from Lego. It’s a replica of the traditional X-Wing Lego model at a 1:42 scale. It took over a year to make and was constructed by a team of 32 people.

You can find out more about the project on Mashable.

25 Lego Helms Deep: The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers

Via Goelkim2011 on Flickr

Lego has produced its own Lord of The Rings line of sets and these include a now discontinued 1,358 piece Helm’s Deep. For fans Goel Kim and Big J, however, this wasn’t epic enough.

The pair have created this stunning 150,000 piece version with over 1,700 mini-figures.

It took around 6 months to build with 18 months for preparation and weighed approximately 400 pounds. It was displayed at Cincinnati Comic-Con and Brick World Fort Wayne in 2013.

You can find more images of this epic creation on Goel Kim’s Flickr Gallery.

24 Lego Springfield: The Simpsons Movie

Via Matt De Lanoy on Flickr

Matt De Lanoy is a huge Lego fan. He has made several Lego sculptures including this gigantic Lego Springfield.

Although the town is not entirely complete or technically geographically accurate he has taken all the most iconic buildings and combined them in a way which is aesthetically pleasing.

Matt started with the comic book store, Android’s Dungeon and worked out. The set also includes The Krusty Burger, Moes, The Kwik E Mart, Springfield Elementary and The Power Plant.

You can see many more images of the different buildings and how they fit together on De Lanoy’s Flickr account.

23 Lego Chappie: CHAPPiE

Via th_squirrel on Flickr

CHAPPiE is a 2015 dystopian science fiction action crime thriller. It centers around a reprogrammed police robot called Chappie. Here you can see the childlike robot recreated in Lego, based on the movie’s poster and trailer.

Using a wide variety of bricks in an imaginative way, th_squirrel has paid incredible attention to detail. Replicating not just the basics of the robot but the tiny touches such as his chain, graffiti, and even his different colored parts.

There are a few more images on their Flickr account alongside some other movie based mini figure customizations.

22 Lego Steve Rogers

Via UkBusinessInsider

Another San Diego Comic-Con creation by Lego’s master builders, this life-size depiction of Steve Rogers is from Marvel's Civil War movie.

Every aspect of the Steve Rogers costume has been faithfully recreated in this heroic looking statue. From the iconic shield to the US flag detail, even the face is detailed enough to be identifiable as the movie’s hero.

As with all Lego master builder creations, the details are everything and the Avengers logo under his foot is a nice touch. An impressive addition to the Comic-Con lineup.

21 Lego Mothra

Via OliveSeon on Flickr

This diorama from Olive Seon pays homage to the 1961 kaiju movie Mothra and it’s Giant Moth character. Mothra has also appeared in several Godzilla movies.

In this incredibly intricate diorama Lego city is under attack from the beast, with half the buildings ensnared in Mothra’s web.

The details are phenomenal from the buildings to the trees each part of the city is carefully planned and all fall under the instantly recognizable Mothra’s wrath.

You can see more images of this awesome display on Olive Seon’s Flickr.

20 Lego Rivendell: The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring

Via Alice Finch on Flickr

Lego creators Alive Finch and David Frank teamed up to make this amazing recreation of Rivendell from both The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings.

After extensive research using the Lord of The Rings movies, documentaries and a Weta Workshop model the two worked on the model in separate places and pieced it all together late in the process. Collaborating via email and images the fact this was built separately but yet fits perfectly together is impressive.

You can read more about the process in an interview with Alice and David published on The Brothers Brick Blog.

19 Lego Thor: Thor Ragnarok

Via Technabob

This incredibly intricate life-sized Thor model was built by Lego builders for San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 to promote Thor: Ragnarok.

In a video released by Lego, you can see the amazing model take shape.

Although there is a small internal support it is primarily constructed of Lego and was built from the foot upwards. The model was said to take around 290 hours to build and was constructed by a team of Lego master builders.

You can watch the fascinating time-lapse video on Lego’s Facebook page. 

18 Lego Predator Bust: The Predator

Via MisterZumbi On Brickshelf

This stunning bust is a homage to The Predator, being a faithful recreation in Lego of the franchise’s main antagonist.

It was built by Misterzumbi who says he was inspired by the work of Synderman and the Arvo brothers and dedicated the build to them.

The attention to detail is incredible with many rarely used bricks being utilized to create the details in the face. I especially love the trophy hunter style base with carefully crafted skulls.

You can see more images on Brickshelf.

17 Lego Velociraptor: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Via NYPost

This fierce Velociraptor is made from around 30,000 bricks and was on display in New York City earlier this year at a Lego Live event to help promote the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie.

Featuring alongside almost 2 dozen other sculptures including a 10 foot long Porsche and a life-sized Luke Skywalker the detailed dinosaur was a hit with visitors.

This image shows James Hind, 5 posing next to the 12 foot long and 4-foot high dinosaur, which took around 350 hours to build.

You can read more about the event and it’s other creations in this New York Post article.

16 Lego Tony Stark: Iron Man

Via Wired

This epic build of Tony Stark from Iron Man was built by Ramón and Amador Marcilla. The intricate sculpture oozes an attitude which fits perfectly with Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of the billionaire inventor turned superhero.

Based on the original movie, you can see the influences in the suit's design as well as the chilled pose.

The build is actually part of an amazing Lego book called Beautiful Lego, written by Mike Doyle. Featuring builds by both Dyle and other enthusiasts from around the world you can find out more about on Wired.

15 Lego “You Maniacs!”: Planet Of The Apes

Via Sean Jensen on Flickr

This highly detailed diorama depicts the classic scene from Planet Of The Apes where George Taylor discovers he is actually on Earth. Named after the well-known quote from the same scene, this creation was displayed at Brickworld 2012 and won Best Vignette.

It was built by Sean Jensen and if you head over to his Flickr you can see some images of this gigantic creation taking shape.

The standout detail for me is in the water where Jensen has used 3 layers of varying colors to show depth to both the water and the coastline.

14 Lego Thanos: Avengers Infinity War

Via Marvel

This stunning Lego Thanos stands at 8.5 feet tall and weighs 450 lbs. It contains 91,350 bricks and took Lego’s master builder team 418 hours to design and build.

As with many Lego master builder creations this one was built to promote a movie, in this case, Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie’s villain is recreated in brick form with incredible attention to detail. He was on display at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year but you can see an incredible time lapse building in this article about the build.

13 Lego Pixels City: Pixels

Via OliveSeon on Flickr

This Pixels City diorama is inspired by the 2015 fantasy science fiction movie Pixels and features a number of iconic video game characters.

In the movie, aliens attack using video game characters as models.

This scene depicts many iconic characters running amok around the Lego city. Pacman, Steve from Minecraft and even the Scooby Doo crew are all featured in this chaotic and highly detailed scene.

You can see more images on creator OliveSeon’s Flickr. See how many characters you can recognize.

12 Lego Nick Wilde: Zootopia


This model of Nick Wilde from Zootopia made headlines back in 2016 when it went on display at an exhibition in Ningbo, only to be destroyed within an hour by a wandering toddler.

The model was built by Zhao, an artist who spent three days and nights assembling the 10,000 piece statue. He builds Lego in his spare time and was delighted that his model was on display.

Sadly within an hour of the exhibitions opening a 4-year-old boy had managed to evade a security rope and destroy the creative masterpiece.

You can read more about it and see images of the before and after in this Telegraph article.

11 Lego Sentinels: The Matrix

Via Sean and Steph Mayo on Flickr

This industrial looking scene depicts sentinels in the derelict sewers and is titled Matrix: Welcome To The Real World.

Inspired by scenes from the 1999 science fiction action film, The Matrix, this diorama was built by Sean and Steph Mayo. It was created for a Lego building contest called Iron Builder and is described as a tribute to the style of Bart De Dobbelaer.

You can see a sentinel close up in this album from their Flickr account. There are also some other amazing builds in there including an homage to Jurassic Park.

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