The Nintendo 64 is a classic console that has eternally dug its way into the hearts of retro fans around the world. The console supported tons of quality games that have sadly been left stuck on the system. While Mario 64 has been ported and the Zelda games have been given the 3DS treatment, many other games have been picked over. While there are some titles that we really should never remake, there are five that could do really well if brought into current-day gaming. These games below are some of the most initiative Nintendo 64 games, and even by today's standards would feel truly unique. The rest are games that we really should leave in the past.

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10 Need: Pokémon Snap

Gamers have no idea why there hasn't been a follow-up or remake of the iconic Pokémon Snap title. The game takes you on a guided tour over different island courses to capture photos of the Pokémon living there. You get scored on the photos you take and unlock special items.

These items can be used to wake up a sleeping Snorlax or even hatch an egg.


9 Don't Need: Glover

Glover is a very special game that, at it's very best, is only mildly frustrating. For gamers who choose to pick up this title, only a path of misery awaited them. Glover is a game about a magic glove that needs to bounce magic balls through narrow courses in able to save the wizard who used to wear him.

The ball can easily pop, and controlling an object that can roll on the Nintendo 64 is a nightmare.

8 Need: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kirby just doesn't seem to get the same love as many other first-party franchises. Kirby 64 is easily one of the best titles according to fans and features unique power mechanics. The levels are colorful, there is a ton of content, and you even get to see the cast interact with each other.

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This is a Kirby title that could use a remake, and maybe even some extra levels.

7 Don't Need: Smash Bros.

Players have fond memories of the first Smash Bros. game, but there is literally no need to remaster it. For gamers who have gone back and played the original, they find it clunky at best. Pair that with the extremely limited roster of only twelve characters, two of which were the Mario brothers.

The game just has too little content to ever remake, especially with the super Switch title around.

6 Need: Paper Mario

This is another title that gamers have been surprised to see no collection of. While the franchise has continued, most games hate that it lost its true formula. The original Paper Mario relied heavily on lore, world-building, and an intricate RPG battle system that ran almost perfectly.

Many players are attached to the various party members, and the game could easily help spark interest in the franchise again.

5 Don't Need: Pokémon Puzzle Leauge

Pokémon Puzzle Leauge isn't a bad game, just one players never asked for in the first place. The game was released to try to cash in on the new franchises' unrivaled popularity. The gameplay mechanics are solid and have you matching color blocks to beat the various gym leaders.

It isn't an innovative game, and in terms of content, it has very little.

4 Need: Bomberman 64

Bomberman is a franchise that found a foothold again with Super Bomberman R that featured the classic multi-player. Bomberman 64, though, is a different beast altogether and is a two-part series. The game has you going on an adventure and using bombs to tactfully solve puzzles and kill enemies.

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It isn't an easy game, but it would be a great way to help expand the franchise again.

3 Don't Need: Mario Golf

This is a game that once again isn't bad, but no one was begging for a Mario Golf title. There have been tons of Mario sports games in recent years, and a golf game even came out on the 3DS. Unsurprisingly this isn't a title you see talked about much among fans of the series.

We don't need Mario Golf, especially if it's a Nintendo 64 version remake.

2 Need: Megaman 64

Megaman 64 has been a hotly debated game for years, and there are always ongoing fan pensions to have a third game. The game has Megaman in an open world where he traverses ruins, takes on side-missions, and fights an eccentric group of pirates.

It had some of the hardest boss battles in the series and some of the deepest storytelling to appear in a Megaman game.

1 Don't Need: Rugrats Scavenger Hunt

For some reason, Rugrat's Scavenger Hunt ended up in the hands of a ton of gamers. Despite it being a widely recognized game, though, it was pretty boring. It was a bad Mario Party clone at best, without the fun mini-games or many maps to pick from.

If there is one game on this list gamers hope isn't remade more than others, then it's Rugrats.

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