Identity V, a mobile multiplayer game where you run and hide from a murderer, is having a crossover event with Danganronpa, an adventure game where you have to figure out the identity of a murderer.

The unusual mashup will have players take control of characters from the popular murder mystery series. They will either hunt down their fellow players as the demonic teddy bear Monokuma, or they will attempt to hide from, outwit, and ultimately escape their pursuer as Enoshima Junko, Makoto Naegi, or Kyoko Kirigiri.

For those unfamiliar with Identity V, it is somewhat similar to the Friday the 13th game released in 2017. The asymmetric multiplayer game traps four players in a mansion with a monstrous killer, forcing them to work together in order to survive and find a way to escape. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, meaning everyone has to know where their character excels in order to overcome their adversary.

The crossover itself mostly involves adding new, Danganronpa-themed skins to existing characters, but will also include in-game rewards for all players who take part.

Players can pre-register for the crossover now. It will last until June 25.

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