A leaker has claimed that the next game from NetherRealm Studios is a Super Smash Bros. inspired fighter with Warner Bros. characters, called Multiversus.

The post appeared earlier today on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit and was posted by an anonymous leaker using a burner account. The leaker didn't want to risk sharing more information with mods but said to save the post as proof that the game exists.

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In the leak, the Redditor claims that the game is a Warner Bros. themed tag-team platform fighter in the vein of Smash Ultimate. The fighter apparently uses WB characters, with the leaker claiming that the roster will include Shaggy, Gandalf, Tom & Jerry, Batman, Fred Flintstone, Max Max, and Johnny Bravo. Harry and Ron were apparently considered but might not make it into the game.

The leaker is uncertain on the tag-team element of the game, saying that there are synergy moves implying two fighters are working together and swap between stocks. Most interestingly of the whole leak is that it's apparently NetherRealm Studios working on the game, which would be a departure from its bi-yearly cycle between Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Funnily enough, the leaker claims that the idea came from all of the memes surrounding Ultra Instinct Shaggy. Apparently, Warner Bros. didn't want to put him in something as violent as Mortal Kombat, so decided on a platform fighter. The only bit of proof for the leak is that a copyright tag for a game called "Multiversus" was created recently, which lends some credibility to the claim. It's not clear if this was copyrighted by Warner Bros, however.


Could it be real? It's not clear what NetherRealm is currently up to and it seems like a new rumour pops up every other month saying that it's either developing the next Mortal Kombat game or working on a brand new Injustice. As one Redditor said, Multiversus is "sounds so bad it may actually come true."

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