If you’re aiming to complete all of the Requests in New Pokemon Snap, then this suspiciously simple Request may have slipped you by. This guide focuses on a Request which isn’t difficult to complete, but if you’re looking at it in your Requests menu and just can’t figure out how you activate it, well, we can’t blame you.

In this guide we’re covering the Head To Head Competition Request, which requires the use of two different tools you have in your vehicle. If you manage to use the tools in that right place, in the right order, then you will have the perfect shot to complete this Request.

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This Request involves the large buffalo Pokemon Bouffalant, and although the pic should be simple to Snap in theory, it can be much more complicated in practice. Just follow the instructions in this guide to quickly and easily solve the Head To Head Competition Request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete The Head To Head Competition Request In New Pokemon Snap

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This Request takes place in Florio Nature Park during Park (Day). You should make sure your Research Level is above level 2, as this Request doesn’t seem to be completable in very early Research Levels, so make sure to prepare.

This Request can be completed almost instantly. As soon as you start exploring the stage, you’ll be able to see Bouffalant to your right, although throwing Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs won’t cause any effect here. Same goes for playing music.


However you can attract their attention by combining your abilities. As you get close to the Bouffalant just behind the first sign you encounter, you should play your music. This will actually not cause the Pokemon to do anything, but they will react once you start using your Scan function too.

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Playing music and Scanning at the same time will cause all of the Bouffalant in the field to congregate nearer to the path, and it’ll also make the Bouffalant behind the sign you passed to start acting aggressively with another Pokemon, causing them to literally butt heads. This is when you want to start snapping your pics, and there are plenty of Bouffalant in the nearby area to get in the background.

As soon as you get your pictures you can hit the Pause button to Quit Course, which will allow you to hand in your pictures to Professor Mirror immediately. The picture of two Bouffalant butting heads will be worth four stars, and will complete the Head To Head Competition Request.

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This Request has to be one of the easier Requests to complete in New Pokemon Snap, especially once you know how to actually complete it. Make sure to go to your Request menu to hand in the Request, and then check out our guide to all Requests in New Pokemon Snap, as that will help you to quickly mow through some of the toughest challenges in the game.

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