A brand new teaser trailer for Quantum Error has landed, and it doesn't really tell us much about the game - yay! But it sure looks cool, and is of particular interest to anyone fortunate enough to have the name Jacob.

Quantum Error is an upcoming sci-fi horror - or "cosmic horror," as the devs call it - currently in development by TeamKill Media. From what we know and have seen so far, it's got some serious Doom and Dead Space vibes to it, and this new trailer feels particularly Doom-y.

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Even the disembodied robot voice in the trailer sounds a lot like the voice of your somewhat shady compadre in Doom 2016, Samuel Hayden. But instead of Doom Guy, we have someone called Jacob, of course.

Judging by what developers Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones themselves have said about the game, the Doom feels are certainly intentional. Particularly, they want to build a game that draws inspo from the masterfully terrifying Doom 3, as well as from the equally creepy Dead Space.


The first-person space shooter will apparently also throw in a healthy dose of action and puzzle-solving in amongst the dark, creepy moments, whilst still maintaining a slower overall pace.

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quantum error
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For any horror fans out there, you'll be pleased to know that the devs are veering away from the usual jumpscare tactics. "No jumpscares or anything cheap like that. The game’s entire atmosphere will be the embodiment of eerie," they say. Sounds like a much more promising way to build the kind of tension one would expect from a space-based horror.

Also, it turns out that the game - which was previously planned to be a PlaysStation-exclusive title - is now also coming to the new Xbox Series X and S.

Quantum Error is due to be released some time in late 2021 for PlayStation 4, as well as the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles.

Source: YouTube

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