Now nearly a decade old in age, Skyrim still seems to excite the masses, inviting players into the breathtaking northern lands of Tamriel to slay dragons, torture Nazeem in every way conceivable, and mod the experience though many more beautiful conceptions. Although the Special Edition does enhance the base game dramatically, with its own bevy of graphical modifications, there is no replicating the wonder of Skyrim in its original form.

Thus kartoffel, a modder of extraordinary talents (judged by these insane modifications alone), has designed a new mod for the base title utilizing a whopping 19GB of storage space resplendent with completely enhanced textures via artificial intelligence. It's added proof in just how much Bethesda games are nothing without their modding communities.

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Via Nexus Mods

Like smoothing out the rough edges on various landscapes and assorted surfaces, the modder in question has reinvigorated the way Skyrim can be experienced, so much so that when playing it seems as if the main character has undergone LASIK. Utilizing an AI-enhancing tool called ESRGAN in BC1smooth2 mode, kartoffel has literally uncompressed the texture packs, making them far more vibrant and less blotchy. It's arguably among the many must-have Skyrim mods for those still running this ancient 32-bit title, as it makes the game so much more vibrant and crisper than ever before.

Words don't do it justice, as the above and below side-by-side comparisons are the best through points in showcasing just what this modder has achieved. On the right is the original version of Skyrim, whereas on the left is the Legacy Edition with uncompressed and cleaned textures. While it still might be relatively hard to tell, a closer inspection will help to identify specific parts of the images that have been patched and reassessed, literally smoothing over angular elements as if with a piece of sandpaper - only, in this case, it was an AI modding tool.

Via Nexus Mods

The Cleaned Textures - Uncompressed mod, discoverable on Nexus, requires between 0.6 to 1.6 free VRAM. Take into consideration that the original version uses up to 4GB of VRAM, so it's best not to overload on mods when utilizing this HD textures enhancement unless stuttering and poor graphical performance isn't a bother (it definitely should be).

Available in the aforementioned 19GB, which covers the entire map in reinvigorated HD textures, or a simple 10GB version that holds within only normal maps, this uncompressed textures mod for OG Skyrim is something of a random oddity. It's not every day someone trains AI to make something look and play beautifully, but kartoffel has proven that there is always something in Skyrim that can be modded and perfected, most of all in its original state.

It's about time to go fight some posh mudcrabs with this bad boy installed.

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