We are introduced to cartoons at a very young age and it not only introduces us to some terrific stories and characters, but also to the world of art in general. The differences in art styles show us the depth of art and teach us that we can express ourselves in more than one way and that there is no right way to create your own artwork. It introduces us to characters with personalities that we have perhaps not come across at that time in our lives and it helps us to better understand them when we do meet them. There influence is so great that you will find a laundry list of shows that play toward our adult selves and focus on issues that we now face within our adult lives. At the end of the day you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy watching a funny cartoon from time to time regardless of age.

For most of us, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were two networks that brought a whole host of great shows to us through our televisions. If you had a certain theme that you enjoyed chances are you could find a show on one network or the other that would draw your attention. Given that they have been a part of most of our childhoods it is no surprise that there is a large amount of fan art out there. With that there is also a good amount of grown up renditions of some of our favorite cartoon characters mixed in.

30 Taking A Break From Saving The Day

Via: deviantart.com(JellyCube)

Ah, the Powerpuff Girls, a series that took off a lot more than anyone could have expected when it first came out on Cartoon Network. It had a lot of competition at the time and though it had a great cast of characters there was concern by the network as to if it would really take hold. What followed was a three-season stint that saw relatively high ratings and a fan following that is still strong to this day.

I am reminded a bit of Alice in Wonderland

With the show reboot in April 2016, it’s clear that the amount of fan fair isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Looking through JellyCube’s DeviantArt profile shows her large breath of art styles. Looking at her Powerpuff Girls rendition I am reminded a bit of Alice in Wonderland given the art style and the color scheme that is used.


29 Still Completing Missions

Via: deviantart.com(7Lisa)

There are some cartoon series that are so great that they run a lot longer than anyone could have imagined when they were first conceived. The premise of Kim Possible was one that looked great in theory, but it wasn’t until people saw the different characters that they really began to understand the greatness of the series. It wasn’t just a spy show akin to Mission Impossible, but an in-depth story with characters who grew up and changed right along with their viewers and that helped to embed it into many lists containing the greatest cartoons of the 2000s.

Given the large following of the show, it’s no surprise the level of fan art that is attached to it, but 7Lisa’s rendition is unique in that it is minimalistic while still containing a great amount of detail. If you browse her gallery you will see some incredible ink work as well.

28 A Trusty Sidekick

Via: deviantart.com(NeoArtCorE)

When you think of the Batman animated series you are likely to think of the Joker and by the same token, his sidekick Harley Quinn. After all, it was her interactions with the Joker that helped to create a great following for the show and create a great dynamic that never staled. With the release of Suicide Squad, artists went to work with new fan arts that depict her in the way in which she was shown in the film.

NeoArtCorE creates some incredible renditions of some of our favorite comic book and video game characters alike. If you plan on going through NeoArtCorE’s gallery be forewarned, there are a lot of renditions that are way more mature than I can show here. That being said, his Harley Quinn rendition is a lot tamer and the coloring of her hair is really top notch.

27 Happier Times Ahead

Via: deviantart.com(Shefang0)

Teen Titans is a great show and it helps to bring younger generations to look into some of the best comic book series ever created. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it continually breaks the fourth wall which was something that was considered taboo in the past. It was just something that animators couldn’t do and now that it has become popular it is really helping to build some of the best cartoons out there. Given that many people feel this way about the show it’s no wonder you find great artworks related to the show.

He mixes two different art styles to create his Raven rendition

Shefang0 doesn’t have a whole lot of drawings within his DeviantArt profile, but the drawings that he does have contain a great amount of detail and a photorealistic nature to them. He mixes two different art styles to create his Raven rendition and it creates a one of a kind piece of artwork.

26 Setting Our Hearts On Fire

Via: deviantart.com(ReddGeist)

The great thing about doing an article like this one is that you get a whole laundry list of art styles that provide a great amount of inspiration. It truly shows that art is unique in many facets and it is these great differences that provide us with some of the very best renditions of our favorite characters. You will always come upon a version that is different from all others and that’s a truly great thing.

ReddGeist focuses a lot animated series and he plays around with color schemes and poses a lot to create truly unique renditions of our favorite characters. There are some pieces that are too mature for me to show here, but for the most part, he keeps them just on the edge. Looking at his Starfire you can that he focuses strongly on mimicking the fabric of her clothing and he does a wonderful job.

25 Always Solving Mysteries

Via: deviantart.com(dandonfuga)

Scooby-Doo just keeps going and it always amazes me that they haven’t run out of material at this point. They have had breaks in a few years to be sure, but the fact that it has continued to perform strongly speaks volumes about the strength of the main characters as well as their personalities that continue to resonate with generation after generation. If you had told the original creators that their show was going to go on this long they probably would not have believed it.

Her Daphne version looks a lot like an oil painting

There are many renditions of the main characters out there, but dandonfuga does it about as good as anyone. Taking a look through her art gallery it’s clear that she has no problem with pushing the boundaries in all of her renditions. Her Daphne version looks a lot like an oil painting and it really does her justice.

24 As Magical As Ever

Via: Pinterest.com

Sailor Moon was a long-running series and it was relaunched not just once, but twice. With the increase in fan fair and the slate of movies that are set to come out as well as a third relaunch being rumored, it’s pretty clear how cemented the show has been in the minds of many. It has permeated through many generations and when Sabrina the Teenage Witch came out many felt that they go their theme and their ideas from the same show.

If you have ever played Borderlands then you are undoubtedly familiar with the type of render style that was used. The artist here uses a similar style to create Sailor Moon and I have to say it is one of the better renditions of her that I have seen. It has a sort of comic book feel that really makes it leap from the background.

23 Still Training Pokémon

Via: deviantart.com(tsuaii)

It would be really difficult to do a list like this one without adding Pokémon into the mix. The show is still going strong and the number of games being released for the series only seems to multiply with each passing year. While I may not be a fan of some of the newer games out there, it does show that the series is likely to influence more generations than any before it. I have to admit that when I first started collecting Pokémon cards all those years ago I never expected it to last as long as it has.

A great action-oriented artwork that draws your eyes in

Misty is without a doubt one of the most popular characters within the series and as a result, you will find a large amount of artwork attached to her. Tsuaii covers all the bases with Misty here and creates a great action-oriented artwork that draws your eyes in.

22 Controlling The Elements

Via: deviantart.com(xong)

Thinking about animation, it always amazes me how much it has grown in popularity over just the last few years. More and more you find traditional movie studios talking seriously about getting into animated films. With the increase in rendering detail and the amount of realism that has permeated through the industry, it’s only a matter of time before we see more photo-realistic renditions out there.

One thing you will notice about Xong, within his DeviantArt gallery, is that he does a terrific job of creating light on and around his characters. You see all the details pop out thanks to this and his Korra rendition epitomizes this on many levels. You get this mesh of photorealism with a bit of the art style from the animation that helps to give you the best of both worlds.

21 Doug Funnie Is One Lucky Guy

Via: deviantart.com(kobolddoido)

Doug not only had a great cast of characters, but it also had a great collection of songs that still make their way into my head every once and a while. The characters were not perfect in their reactions to others and the ways that they handled things and I think that a lot of people had an easy time identifying with that. The characters had to go through similar situations that we all had to face growing up and it was one of those shows that you could really attach yourself to as a result.

If you are looking for art tutorials and pose examples, Kobolddoido has you more then covered. Even though you will tend to come across Skeeter and Doug when it comes to artwork renditions there are a few Patti Mayonnaise renditions out there. Kobolddoido decided to draw her in a sort of blue gradient and it really helps to bring the drawing to life.

20 Always Her Rival

Via: deviantart.com(LemonSquishie)

Keeping with the same series we move our way toward Shego. While Kim Possible has a large amount of fan art out there and a lot of it is fantastic, Shego has just as much and in some cases even better renditions out there. She was different in that she wasn’t like most villains in the series. She had a mature and rational attitude about things and she had a moral compass that many of the villains in the series did not possess. This set her apart and as you can imagine, made her a fan favorite for many.

As an artist, one of the hardest things to learn is how to draw clothing. You don’t just have to worry about lighting and shadow, but also how folds form and what that really looks like. LemonSquishie does a terrific job of drawing Shego and creating her clothing in a way that adds a lot of depth and realism.

19 Making Her Mark

Via: 9gag.com

There are cartoons out there that go on despite having slumps from time to time and The Simpsons are one of them. They have had some really great years and some years that are not really noteworthy, but even in those seaons, they are able to create episodes that really stand out. Each time that people think they will run out of material they prove them wrong and keep on going. It has been like this for so long in fact that South Park has a running gag about the Simpsons already having done everything.

While I don’t know the name of the artist here I feel that they do a terrific job of depicting Lisa as a grown up in a different way then we are used to seeing even from the show itself. It leads you to believe that she has changed her personality greatly and that she has become much less like her childhood self.

18 Owning The Skateparks

Via: deviantart.com(viria13)

The first time I watched Rocket Power I fell in love with it and I was sad to see it go when it finally did. There was really nothing out there then or sense that filled the void entirely, but lucky for all of us you can easily find episode after episode online even though the show is no longer broadcast. It’s one of those shows that I think should have a relaunch and it might in the future, but for the time being nothing looks too concrete in that vein.

If they were to bring the show back at some point I would imagine that they would probably try to bring it back as a grown-up version. Viria13 has a habit of doing grown-up versions of her favorite characters and she does a fantastic job of growing up each member of the Rocket Power group.

17 Hey Arnold!

Via: deviantart.com(nakanoart)

Every once and a while you will have a cartoon series that really pulls at your heartstrings and strikes a chord with you. Hey Arnold! was one of those cartoons and it touched on a lot of darker issues that perhaps other childhood cartoons would not go toward. It did so in a way that allowed you to identify with the character and it helped to prepare us for these issues that we might face later on in life. It’s easy to point out the dark nature of it now, but I can remember watching it as a kid and not feeling the dark nature as strongly as I do now.

Nakanoart loves placing her characters into the space of oil-based paintings

Nakanoart loves placing her characters into the space of oil-based paintings and she makes sure to add as much detail as possible within her style. She pushes herself both in the clothing material she is drawing and in the complexity of the background she draws.

16 Always Ready For Adventure

Via: deviantart.com(LadyLoth)

The Wild Thornberrys was a strange series to be sure. I mean you had a family that traveled in a specialized vehicle that could float around on rivers and do pretty much everything else. Add to that the fact that there was a character named Eliza who could talk to animals and you had a series that, while strange, had all the elements of making it a success. It was the clashing of personalities and the realism that helped to bring it to the top of the list of greatest cartoons from the early 2000s.

Though the show was rather popular there isn’t a lot of fan art out there based on it. LadyLoth is an artist on DeviantArt who goes from video games like World of Warcraft to custom original artwork while touching on cartoons from time to time. In drawing Debbie she draws attention to her likes and her change in personality.

15 Still Up For Adventure

Via: Pinterest.com

I’ll admit here and now that Adventure Time is one of those cartoons that I will still watch from time to time. Like the Regular Show, there are characters that you can’t help but like and there are enough jokes throughout that you will never have a dull moment. It’s a show that allows the creators to go in pretty much any direction that they want and it ensures that there is never going to be an episode that is similar enough to the last.

Taking a look at this drawing we can see that the artist included the gender swaps of the four main characters (Fiona, Prince Bubblegum, Marshall Lee, and Cake). the Finn gender swap isn’t something entirely new given that it was in the show, but these versions look less cartoony and more realistic.

14 A More Relaxed Superhero

Via: deviantart.com(Nina-D-Lux)

Given how great of a show Teen Titans is, it is no surprise that I have included a third rendition into this list. While we have seen renditions which are very similar to the show there are plenty out there that are different. The great thing about the show is that you don’t have to wonder about the likes and dislikes of the characters and you get a good idea about each of their personalities.

With this wealth of information, it makes it a lot easier for artists to image and create fan arts depicting them in all sorts of ways. Nina-D-Lux uses this information from the show to give us a very realistic version of Starfire away from crime fighting. The clothing matches what you would expect Starfire to wear and it tones down her bubbly nature a little bit.

13 A Bubbly Personality

Via: deviantart.com(borderka)

When it comes to the Powerpuff Girls there are more than enough fan arts out there and you can find more than your fair share of photo-realistic versions as well. Any art style that you enjoy can be found in a rendition of the big three and it helps you to imagine what the show might have looked like had it been rendered in these ways instead. Would it have been as popular as before? Maybe, maybe not, but there will always be that element of what if out there.

His Bubbles version is very different

Browsing through borderka’s gallery leads you to find a whole host of sketches along with small tutorials. He is very upfront about his entire process and is always willing to share with his viewers where he got his inspiration from. His Bubbles version is very different from others I have seen and it enforces her bubbly personality very well.

12 Still Hanging With The Monsters

Via: tumblr.com(mabychan)

If we are talking about iconic animated films, Wreck-It Ralph has to be on to the top of that list. Not just because of the great visuals that were present within the film, but also because of the fact that it really thought outside the box. Sure, you could say that it was Disney’s remake of Toy Story in a sense, but it was still different in many ways. It connected us with arcade games again and helped to create something that many gamers could identify with.

Mabychan takes things to another level

When we talk about fan art for the series, a lot of the time you will come across renditions that are very similar to the characters in the film. While this is perfectly fine to be fair, Mabychan takes things to another level with this version of Vanellope Schweetz.

11 Exploring The World

Via: dolldivine.com

While I admittedly didn’t see many episodes of Dora the Explorer I can easily see why it became on the level of Blues Clues when it came to both viewership and fan fair. It was engaging for children and it helped them to learn many things. I can still remember the times when I would watch the show with my little brother and listen to him mimic the Spanish words within the show.

Even though the show ended on a less than stellar note, that didn’t stop many fans from creating grown-up fan art of the entire cast. While there are many great versions of grown-up Dora out there I find that this one does a nice job of implying that she has continued on in her adventures into her adulthood.

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