Amazon Games released its MMORPG New World today, and its concurrent player count continues to climb. As of this morning, New World sits at number five for Steam's most played games.

Thanks to Steam DB, we now know that New World has hit over 560,000 players for its 24-hour peak—though it hasn't even been out in an official capacity for that long. It's broken into Steam's top ten most played games, outpacing Valheim, the beloved indie viking adventure from earlier this year, but will need another half a million players to take Cyberpunk 2077's spot at number four.

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The data comes from just the last ten hours when New World launched, and Amazon's servers are already struggling to keep up. Players are reporting long lines to get in, and the wait is hitting the eight-hour mark for some. Amazon Games acknowledged the login queues and server issues, and noted "the team is working hard to get them addressed and get everyone in". As of right now, the difficulties getting in continue to persist.

Amazon's new MMO launches after months of repeated delays and hosting betas. Its previous concurrent player record peaked back in July of this year during one of its several closed betas, hosting just over 200,000 players on Steam. Today marks its first climb into the top ten most played, but the MMO has dominated Steam's weekly bestseller charts in recent weeks during the lead up to launch.


New World's launch comes almost a year after Crucible, a failed arena shooter from Amazon Games Studio. It officially shut its doors last November, but Amazon has since snatched up other talent familiar with FPS games like a former Splinter Cell producer and Rainbow Six Siege devs.

Big MMO launches don't happen quite the same way they used to, but this year's end marks a busy time for the genre. After New World opens its doors today, Final Fantasy 14 will launch its big expansion next month. Endwalker is out on November 19 for players who pre-order, and the Square Enix MMO just revealed some of its biggest changes coming with version 6.0.

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