As you adventure with Oliver and friends in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Oliver will learn new spells to add to his Wizard's Companion, and learning all of the spells within the game will earn you the "Magic Master" trophy. However, while many spells are unlocked via story progression, some are optional and easily missed.

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These optional spells are given by a character named Horace, and only if you are able to solve his various riddles. Fortunately for you, we've got all the answers to Horace's riddles right here so you can obtain all of the optional spells without the fuss.

Meeting Horace for the First Time

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Oliver meeting Horace for the first time

Horace can be found hidden behind the Memorial Shrine in Ding Dong Dell, which you can access by taking the path on your right when facing the castle entrance. You will not be able to understand Horace at first, but he will give you the Spirit Medium spell, which allows you to speak to ghosts.

Use the spell and you will finally be able to converse with Horace properly, who will introduce himself and then tell you that he'll be heading to the desert next. There's no riddle from Horace on your first meeting.


Answers to Horace's Riddles

Ni No Kuni inputting Horace's riddle answers

Note: It does not matter whether you enter the following riddle answers in upper or lower case.

Al Mamoon

  • Location: Next to the milk fountain
  • Riddle Answer: Dragon of the West
  • Reward: Draw Poison Spell

Castaway Cove

  • Location: On a bridge overlooking the sea
  • Riddle Answer: Finest Fiber
  • Reward: Vacate Spell


  • Location: On the way to the Fairy Godmother
  • Riddle Answer: Crispy Lettuce
  • Reward: Sage's Secret Alchemy Formula


  • Location: On a balcony overlooking the main street
  • Riddle Answer: 5
  • Reward: Chart Chests Spell


  • Location: In the Yule Elder's house
  • Riddle Answer: Blizzard Bloom
  • Reward: Cloudburst Spell


  • Location: Inside Swift Solutions
  • Riddle Answer: Old Smoky or Jabal-al-Dukhan
  • Reward: Veil Spell

Ding Dong Dell (After the events at Nevermore)

  • Location: In the same place where you first met him at the memorial
  • Riddle Answer: Unleash
  • Reward: Thunderstorm Spell

Ara Memoriae

  • Location: At the ruins, only after you have defeated Gallus
  • Riddle Answer: Wizard's Robes
  • Reward: Astra Spell (and unlocks Errand 136)

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