Genesect is coming to Pokémon GO, and with it comes a brand new way to get region-locked Pokémon. But it comes with a price.

So Genesect is on its way to Pokémon GO. The mythical Gen 5 Bug/Steel-type brings a brand new story-based Research Event that lets you pay for first-time access in much the same way as Regigas did, but this time Niantic is sweetening the deal. Not only will you get Genesect, but you'll also get access to Durant, a Pokémon that's normally region-locked to the eastern hemisphere.

The Research Event is called "A Drive to Investigate!" and runs from Friday, March 20 to Thursday, March 26. As usual, you'll be given a series of research objectives that will lead to increased encounters with certain types of Pokémon--in this case, Bug and Steel-type 'Mons like Pinsir, Scizor, Skarmory, Karrablast, and Shelmet.

Oh, and also Durant, who normally doesn't appear in North America. This is an interesting development as it provides even more incentive to pay $7.99 for the special research ticket this time around.

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But besides the regional exclusive Pokémon and a neat story, you'll also get 5 Premium Battle Passes, 3 Super Incubators, 3 Charged TMs, 3 Fast TMs, 3 Incense, 3 Star Pieces, 1 Poffin, 15 Rare Candies, and 1 Glacial Lure. Completing the research will also provide access to encountering Scyther, Skarmory, Nincada, and Shieldon in the wild as well as the Genesect bag and Genesect cap avatar items.

Genesect Stuff
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If you just don't care enough about Genesect or Durant to bother purchasing a ticket, there's still the free weekend event to look forward to! From March 20 to March 23, Normal, Water, Fire, Electric, and Ice-type Pokémon will be out in force, which are the types of techniques that Genesect can learn (hence the theme). Nincada will be in the wild and available in 5 km eggs, and Karrablast and Shelmet will appear in 5 km eggs too. Raid Battles will feature various Bug and/or Steel-type Pokémon, and you'll get a 2x bonus to your Stardust gains from catching and hatching.


Source: Niantic

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