ARKS Operatives are in for a treat tomorrow, as Phantasy Star Online 2 is collaborating with Nier: Auotmata. The event will see PSO2 players get new cosmetics that let them dress up like 2B, 9S, and A2. There will also be a bunch of other themed furnishings and decorations based on Nier: Auotmata up for grabs. They cost a pretty penny, and go away in November, so fans will need to act fast.

The Nier: Automata collaboration packs go on sale tomorrow, October 13, at 11pm PST. There are three packs in total, each based on a specific character. A single pack will cost $34.99, so you'll probably have to pick one or be a whale. Whatever path you choose, you'll need to choose it by November 10 at 10pm PST. That's when these collaboration packs will disappear.

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The gear can be seen in its full glory on the PSO2 Youtube channel. There's a breakdown of each item so you know what you're getting before you buy. Also of note is that you can only purchase one of each pack on your account. This will make them a rare set, and possibly not tradable.

The 2B pack will have her outfit, sword, mag skin, and a sticker. All the items are listed on the PSO2 blog, and here:

  • YoRHa 2B Replica (x1)
  • YoRHa 2B Replica: Snow (x1)
  • YoRHa 2B Replica: Ruby (x1)
  • YoRHa 2B Hair (x2)
  • YoRHa 2B Hairband (x2)
  • YoRHa 2B Goggles (x2)
  • * Virtuous Contract/Beastlord (x1)
  • Evolution Device: Pod 042 (x1)
  • Resistance Sticker (x2)

The 9S pack will have his outfit, swords, mag skin, Emil head, and a sticker. All the items are listed here:

  • YoRHa 9S Replica M (x1)
  • YoRHa 9S Replica M: Snow (x1)
  • YoRHa 9S Replica M: Ruby (x1)
  • YoRHa 9S Hair (x2)
  • YoRHa 9S Goggles (x2)
  • * Type-3 Lance/Type-3 Blade (x1)
  • Evolution Device: Pod 153 (x1)
  • 298: NieR: Automata (x1)
  • Emil Heads (x2)
  • Army of Humanity Sticker (x2)

Finally, the A2 pack will have her outfit, 9S's outfit for female characters, her weapon, a Machine Lifeform head, and a Nier: Automata poster. It's listed here:

  • YoRHa A2 Replica [Ba] (x2)
  • YoRHa 9S Replica F (x1)
  • YoRHa 9S Replica F: Snow (x1)
  • YoRHa 9S Replica F: Ruby (x1)
  • YoRHa A2 Hair (x2)
  • Machine Lifeform Head (x2)
  • * Type-3 Fists/Type-3 Sword (x1)
  • YoRHa Sticker A (x2)
  • YoRHa Sticker B (x2)
  • NieR: Automata Poster

Source: PSO2 Blog

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