One of the often missed optional quests in Nier Replicant is "The Pride of a Lover". This is because although the quest giver is marked on the map as such, he doesn't give the quest straight away when spoken to. Additionally, the NPC is off the beaten track and is easily missed.

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This is one of the quests that become incompletable once you have progressed into Part Two of the game, and it also offers one of the most lucrative rewards. However, to ensure you don't miss a single thing, we've got all the information you need right here in our full quest walkthrough.

How to Unlock The Pride of a Lover Quest and Walkthrough

Nier Replicant Pride of a lover questgiver

The NPC that gives the quest "The Pride of a Lover" can be found in the small overlook next to the lighthouse in Seafront, as shown on the map above. This quest becomes available once Kaine has joined the party. Though he will have a quest marker above his head, speaking to him will not immediately unlock the quest.

You need to speak to him three times to unlock the quest, but you cannot do this in immediate succession. You have to leave the area and then re-enter to prompt a new line of dialogue from him each time.

After speaking to him three times, he will offer up the quest and ask you to get some Fluorite for him from Facade.

Nier Replicant Strange things NPC in Facade

Go to Facade and head to the Strange-Thing Store. It can be found in the location shown above, however, you can simply speak to the ferryman who will allow you to choose this merchant as a destination.


The merchant will tell you that, unfortunately, he does not have any Fluorite. However, he tells you that you can find some in the Barren Temple. Before heading out to the Barren Temple, make sure you pick up the Royal Compass first if you haven't done so already.

The Barren Temple is located in the northern area of the desert and you have to pass through the sandstorm to get there. Once inside, you're looking for a glowing gathering spot to find the Fluorite.

Fluorite is a possible reward from any gathering spot within the temple. However, we found that these spots tend to spawn in the outside areas, so if you are having trouble finding some, we recommend trying the locations marked on the map below.

NIer Replicant Barren Temple Fluorite locations marked on map

Once you've found one piece of Fluorite, you need to head back to Seafront to give it to the quest giver. The man will reward you with a whopping 30,000 gold.

Nier Replicant completing the The Pride of a Lover quest

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