There is no debate just how fleshed out and immense the in-game world of Cyberpunk 2077 will be upon release, yet the second episode of Night City Wire merely proves just how much more there is to learn about the dark future. From the player's chosen Lifepath for V to their modus operandi when it comes to violent action, CD Projekt Red has successfully upped the ante of anticipation while only showcasing less than a glimpse of what fans can expect in this riveting experience.


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For starters, the Cyberpunk 2077 team showcased a more in-depth look at the narrative personas breathing life into Night City, which include Street Kid, Nomad, and Corpo. While these Lifepaths may have already been known for quite some time, exemplified by the renders recently shown off via CDPR, of note is the emphasis on character relations. As mentioned amid the Night City Wire event, having one background as opposed to another may have lasting consequences on an entire playthrough, not merely affecting where and how the story itself begins.

For instance, as divulged by Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Design Coordinator Philipp Weber, new forms of dialogue options will arise based on your lifepath. He uses the example of Meredith Stout, who gives a quest to recover stolen goods. For a Corpo, Stout herself will be far more known to the character, whereas, for the Nomad, the player will have a far better knowledge of the Maelstrom gang, who stole the weapon in the first place. As for the Street Kid, without any direct knowledge of gangs or corporate bigwigs, this lifepath will have a much broader affinity for specialized narcotics, for which the Maelstrom gang will offer to the player in this specific instance.


Arguably the most intense display shown during the Night City Wire event was its various weapons, from firearms to melee. CDPR has clearly put a great deal of thought and time into broadening how combat works in this far-future RPG. Pawel Kapala, Cyberpunk Senior Gameplay Designer, takes the stage in underscoring just how much work has gone into the game's firepower and its surrounding mechanics. In accordance with guns alone, the game will feature three different types, those being power, tech, and smart weapons.


Power weapons, like the double-barrel shotgun shown in many Cyberpunk teasers, work similar to everyday guns, yet with an emphasis on environmental utilization. For instance, players can use a ricochet function to take out targets hiding behind cover by shooting the ground nearby at a specific angle.

Tech weaponry is more so based on electromagnetic power, like the Tsunami Nekomata sniper rifle, using a special metal projectile to puncture through surfaces and, of course, eviscerate enemies.

Then, there are smart weapons, which are modified guns that can shoot to kill without the necessity of aiming directly at a target. This so-called "guided technology" allows players to use weapons in interesting combat scenarios, which is probably one of many reasons why wall-running was canned.

With many more Night City Wire events in store, fans will be waiting breathlessly not merely for the next installment, but to likewise take hold of the dark future on November 19th.

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