While livestreaming Fortnite at Lollapalooza yesterday, a heckler in the audience spent several uninterrupted minutes shouting at Ninja and calling him a sellout. It was an uncomfortable situation for Ninja that the venue was apparently unequipped to handle.

Ninja, one of the biggest names in livestreaming, announced his departure from Twitch and permanent move to Microsoft's Mixer this week, and is spending his first week on Mixer streaming Fortnite for a live audience at Lollapalooza. While getting warmed up for the Friday Night Fortnite tournament a man in the audience began heckling Ninja, and no one stopped him.

"TFUE IS BETTER!" shouted the heckler. Tfue is a huge Fortnite streamer and former Faze Clan pro that has slowly but surely been gobbling up Ninja's viewers over the past year. Comparisons between the two have become a meme and common insult lobbed at Ninja because of the way he seemingly internalizes them. Telling Ninja "Tfue is better" is a sure-fire way to get under his skin, and apparently it did, as Ninja turned to the crowd and fired back at the heckler "How did he do at the world cup?"

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While Tfue's performance at the world cup wasn't exactly his best, it's an interesting counter considering Ninja himself didn't even qualify for the tournament, saying he "didn't put in the time and energy to qualify." Regardless, the response emboldened the heckler who continued to lob insults and pointed questions and the now reactionless Ninja.


"How much did you get paid to switch to Mixer? 100 million?" The heckler shouted. Rumors have been circulating since Ninja's Mixer announcement about how much his contract is actually for. Some popular streamers have been speculating anywhere between 10-80 million for 3-6 years, but obviously, it isn't in Ninja's best interest to disclose the details of his contract.


"I KNOW YOU HEARD ME!" he shouted, which got a nervous laugh out of Ninja. At this point, the crowd around the heckler is getting visibly uncomfortable. Everyone, including Ninja, just wants him to stop so they can enjoy the stream. The heckler starts chanting "Sellout! Sellout! Sellout!" No one joined in, and it seemed like he was starting to become self aware about how obnoxious he was being, but not before one final comment about Tfue, which he already knew was likely to get a reaction from Ninja.

The clip ends shortly after so it is unclear whether security ever got involved. The heckler was allowed to continue shouting at Ninja, polluting his stream, for much longer than he probably should have been. Aside from Ninja's immediate snap back, he was able to keep his composure and continue playing, though visibly shaken, as anyone getting screamed at would be.

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