GungHo Online's Nintendo Switch arena brawler Ninjala has moved past the 4 million mark in terms of downloads.

The free-to-play title launched on June 24, less than two months ago, but has seen its popularity soar among Nintendo users, who have downloaded the game in droves. This hasn't gone unrewarded, with the developers having handed 100 Jala - the in-game currency - to all players to commemorate the milestone.

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The developers' announcement reads:

"We hope you are enjoying the world of Ninjala. We are happy to announce that Ninjala has achieved 4 million downloads worldwide! We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all our users for your support.

"The following items have been distributed via in-game email as a commemorative gift celebrating 4 million downloads. Please be sure to claim them during the designated distribution period."

The game has also received a fresh update that addresses the previously troublesome matchmaking issues. The Version 2.0 update allows players to go up against anyone in the world at any time of the day.

Prior to the patch, matchmaking pitted players from four regions - North & Central America, Europe, Asia/Oceana, and Japan - against each other. The idea was to keep players within a certain proximity to prevent lag and other issues but, following feedback from users looking to play friends and family abroad or just have a session during late hours when most players are offline, regional parameters have been removed. Despite the changes, players will only be matched against players from other regions if network speeds allow for it.

The game's user interface has been spruced up, with various other bug fixes implemented in order to give users as good as an experience as is possible.

The update seeks to "offer an ideal matching environment, improve player experience through UI/UX, and further polish game balance'" while weapon parameters have been refined to make it so that players of all skill levels could enjoy gameplay.


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