Who doesn’t love a good old hand-drawn comic to start off their day? If you were like me growing up the Sunday paper was your grail. Unless you bought the various collections of Garfield, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbs, and so forth, then the Sunday paper were pretty much all you had? Regarding funny comics, that is. What I’m getting is that we live in an amazing time where we have near a limitless amount of strips that emulate the Sunday paper, but for nerdier topics. The first time I heard about Penny Arcade I couldn’t believe it. Cartoons, or any other comedic medium I was into rarely covered video games and if they did then it was for a one-off joke that didn’t make sense. Penny Arcade was created by people who actually knew what they were talking about.

Like video games nowadays there might be too many sites, or artists dedicated to the craft so much so that it’s hard to sift through the rubble in order to find the unique and hilarious snowflakes. That’s where we come in. Here at TheGamer, we love covering video game comics. This is one of many excellent collections we’ve run on wonderful fan-made Nintendo comics. There is so much content out there that we can’t stop the love. So I bring to you another handful of excellent Nintendo comics made for the fans and by the fans.

24 It Was A Rock Korok

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. Another thing about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that’s bad is the Korok Seed hunt. Well, maybe bad is too harsh. Finding them is more annoying and tedious than anything else and at the same time incredibly necessary to make the game less of a headache. Weapons breaking wouldn’t be so frustrating if your inventory was bigger, but you start off with barely any slots for your melee weapons, shields, and bows. Yet somehow you can hold a near infinite amount of every other item imaginable including food, potions, and even minerals. While I thank my lucky stars that wasn’t hindered it also makes me angry at the double standard.

Anyway, the Korok Seeds can be used to increases inventory space for all three of those aforementioned equipment menus, but only one slot at a time. It’s better than nothing and as you explore you’ll naturally come across a ton. By prayer shrines, hidden in flowers, under rocks, and so forth. Not sure why they would stay under a rock as this simple comic points out, but whatever. Back under the rock you go little guy. Do you think Link really cares?


23 Sharing Is Caring


John Kleckner created this comic for Hejibits. Kirby is a delightful character without any creepy realities behind him, right? His games are easy to pick up and play for all ages in their ease of use even more than Mario’s. That said there is one subject that isn’t necessarily controversial, but when you think about it is pretty messed up. I actually could get into a more "off" subject regarding Kirby eating everything and everyone in sight, which literally makes him a world-destroying monster, but let’s save that topic for another time. Instead, let’s focus on his eating habits in the non-living variety.

If you come across a sandwich, shake, a piece of cake, or whatever you’ll be healed a little bit. If you have an A.I. partner with you, or if you’re playing one of the co-op games with a buddy, then you can pick up food and share it with them to also grant them a health boost. As I kid I never thought about how this was done until I read this comic. Now I’m grossed out. Kirby spits food into the mouths of his friends? That’s the only way it makes sense. He’s like a mama bird feeding its babies. I will never play a Kirby game the same way again.

22 It’s My Birthday And I Can Cry If I Want To

Nerd Rage

Andy Kluthe created this comic for Nerd Rage. Remember earlier when I said 1987 was the best year ever? Well, let me get more into that since it relates better to this panel. Video game classics were introduced worldwide in this year. For example, there was Contra, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Punch-Out!!, and Mega Man, which I already brought up. Then, of course, we have series that came out in Japan in 1986 and were later introduced to the West in 1987 including The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Metroid. Let’s of course, for the purposes of this comic, focus on Nintendo’s own games.

Let’s hope the Switch Metroid will do Samus right.

The Legend of Zelda released in July 1987 and Metroid in August 1987. These were two back-to-back hits in the West for the NES. Their anniversaries are tied together. Unfortunately, Samus doesn’t get enough love compared to Link. When his series turned twenty-five in 2011, for Japan, Nintendo made a big deal about it. Not a peep was mentioned about Metroid though. Not for the 25th and certainly not for the 30th. Sigh, I’m sorry Samus. Your followers are smaller by comparison, but they are also mighty. One day we will be heard.

21 Mega Plagiarism

Nerd Rage

Andy Kluthe created this comic for Nerd Rage. There are many great fan debates online that divide friendships. Arguments that go over which thing is better like Marvel vs DC, Edward vs Jacob, or Sega vs Nintendo. Well, I’m here to say that I was on the front lines during the great Pokémon vs Digimon war of 1999. By war, I mean Pokémon was a ruling empire and Digimon was like a small squadron of rebels with loud voices. I didn’t play any of the games, but I did watch the first Digimon anime in conjunction with Pokémon’s.

Who’s to say who really copied who in regards to these two behemoths is what I’m trying to say. Well, there is one example of Pokémon totally copying Digimon via Mega Evolutions, which were first introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. The big thing that differed between the two series was that Digimon reverted back to a younger former whereas Pokémon evolved permanently. That is except for the Mega Evolutions. That is Digimon’s whole gimmick. Even their names change to “Mega Whatever” on a certain tier. This comic, suffice it to say, is spot on with the last panel. I call shenanigans Nintendo!

20 Good Games Never Grow Old, But I Do


John Kleckner created this comic for Hejibits. Nostalgia is one heck of a thing to feel. It’s like putting blinders on. It’s hard to tell if things you enjoyed as a kid are still good as an adult. Is the first Super Mario Bros. actually a good game, or was it just the first video game to push the medium forward and is now a clunky relic? Again, nostalgia shapes us all in mysterious ways. It's a surreal thing that video game fans are deeply aquainted with (of course we've bought eight-hundred copies of HD release X...)

I remember Super Mario Galaxy like it was yesterday…

In that same sense, aging is a weird thing once you hit a certain point. Take this comic for example. In my mind, the Wii didn’t launch that long ago even though it was in 2006. Furthermore Super Mario Galaxy, which released in 2007, also feels like not that long ago. I constantly look back at other stuff too and realize how old I’ve become. Take the PS4 for example. That thing seems like it launched recently, but this is our fifth year with the console! Time is a heck of a thing.

19 Luigi’s Dreams And Mario’s Nightmares


John Kleckner created this comic for Hejibits. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth title in the Mario and Luigi RPG franchise. As the title suggests it centers on dreams, specifically Luigi’s. It’s been awhile since I played it, but I remember Bowser and some other villain were trying to gain some ultimate power, as of course, this time through an alternate world inside a dream world. Apparently, Luigi’s head is pure enough to open a gate into the dream world for Mario to hop into via a magic pillow…

As I wrote that I realized it sounded like fan fiction, which is telling because it isn’t that good. Rankings aside, this dream world shows Luigi at his strongest. You can even summon multiple Luigis to help Mario out in battle. I never saw a Luigi spanking another, but you have to imagine there must be some dark secrets in his head Luigi wants to keep from Mario. In terms of jokes, this one is pretty mild, but hilarious all the same. It could have gone into more 'off' territories. The mega Luigi fans out there are VERY dedicated to their stories. You have to trust me on this one.

18 Stick Fight

Penny Arcade

Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik created this comic for Penny Arcade. I’ve probably said it more times than I can count now, but I loved The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was my game of the year in 2017. It’s not without faults though. Breakable weapons are the worst! To defeat an enemy I think this comic nails it right on the head. A stick will maybe defeat a lower level bokoblin, but higher-level forms will take two, three, or more. After a while you won’t have to use sticks anymore, but that’s not the point of this panel. Well, it sort of is. Here we have the hero of time reduced to whacking enemies with sticks.

It’s pretty hilarious when you think about it, but it brings up a better point about weapon durability. No one —and I mean no one— finds that mechanic fun in this game, or any other game for that matter. I’m okay with repairing equipment because the deterioration is better handled in games like Skyrim. It doesn’t make sense with this Nintendo classic though. A stick, or any wooden object is bound to break, but an iron sword after a few whacks? Come on Nintendo.

17 Bullets Don’t Mix With Jewels

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. Resident Evil 4 is the best game with the name Resident Evil, but it’s not the best pure essence of what came before it. The first two are tied in my mind if you want to experience the more “classic” version of the series, but in terms of overall quality, yeah, go with Resident Evil 4. I mean you can get it on any console, or even your phone. That said let’s not forget this was a Nintendo exclusive on the GameCube. Yes, a series that started with PlayStation moved onto Nintendo for a short period before being ported a million times.

I only buy the finest jewels with bullet markings.

Legacy aside let’s talk about the shimmering objects you can find in the environment. For the most part, these twinkles are rare gems. The only way you can unearth these gems is by shooting them. I’m not a jeweler, mineralogist, geologist, or whatever but something tells me shooting gems isn’t the best tactic. Who would want to buy a ruby, sapphire, or whatever that has been burned with bullet markings? It’s silly, but so is a world filled with infected humans with tentacles coming out their heads.

16 Stranger Mii Danger

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. Part of the fun of the 3DS was Street Pass. If you had your 3DS turned on and folded it down into sleep mode you could meet new friends just by passing them by. Sometimes it worked tremendously well and other times it was a glitchy mess. I was contacted across while driving in cars and yet sometimes I’d be in the sane room and my 3DS just wouldn’t recognize my friend next to me.

Problems aside I used it a lot because collecting friends would net you items, or players in various mini-games that came free with the 3DS. I used to go to a yearly anime convention in college and a little after where I collected a lot of extras. It was my favorite part of the experience, which is odd considering I was there to watch and or discuss anime. Fun times aside the creepiest Street Pass was when I was seemingly alone, walking home at night with no one around, and my light would flicker on. Where were they? I’m glad to know, based on this comic, that I wasn’t alone in my curiosity. Do ghosts have access to 3DS systems?

15 How Does This Work Again?

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. If someone were to ask you what was your favorite Final Fantasy I bet the answer wouldn’t be the first game. I guess it all depends on someone’s age, but even the most hardcore fans wouldn’t nominate it. That’s not to say Final Fantasy I is bad it’s just very old school. There’s not much of a story no matter what version you play, but if you pick up the Game Boy Advance port, which I occasionally do, it’s still good mechanically. Basic, sure, but there’s nothing like that grind every once in awhile to make your RPG blood start pumping.

With those mechanics in mind, there’s a way you can level up your party’s classes later in the game. A Thief can become a Ninja for example, which is the only reason to make a Thief in the first place. How do you do that? You need to go on a side quest to retrieve the Rat’s Tail. Apparently, that item is legendary to a dragon? Okay well, I guess it doesn’t matter. It makes about as much sense as this comic makes it out to be, which is framed comically well.

14 Lock Picks: What Are They Good For?

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. As I said earlier Resident Evil 4 is the best overall experience for the series, but there’s nothing quite like that “classic” feeling the original gives off. You know, even if it makes absolutely no sense. Allow me to divulge for a bit. Okay so the special forces of the Raccoon City Police Department, S.T.A.R.S., are sent out on a reconnaissance mission into the mountains. Their chopper goes down and dogs chase them into a creepy mansion in the middle of nowhere. Then they decide to split up and search the grounds. I know they are the special police, but in a situation like this are splitting up the best possible idea?

Also this mansion is filled with zombies and puzzles. Breaking down the door, or the knob can literally solve most puzzles. Why would I care to put the correctly shaped key into a hole when zombies are chasing me? Another, less intense solution would be lockpicking. Jill starts off with a lockpick and yet it only works on certain doors. Puh-leeeeease. You have to be kidding me, Jill. Again, it’s a great game, but incredibly unbelievable.

13 It’s Always Sunny In Wariodelphia


Justin Hall created this comic for Dorkly. This panel is an excerpt from a longer article on Dorkly called “How Mario and Wario Attend a Convention” which is as hilarious as it sounds. If you found this strip funny than I highly recommend checking the whole article and accompanying panels to see how Mario and Wario differ on opinions regarding fan art, clothing attire, and so on. Anyway, let’s get back to this one in particular. I chose it above the others because it just gave me inspiration for a new live-action Super Mario Bros. movie.

I’m Danny DeWario and I’ll be number one!

Okay, so Nintendo wasn’t thrilled with the petition to get Danny DeVito into Detective Pikachu as the titular character. They missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime with that one. So here’s my proposal. Forget that animated feature film you planned with Illumination Studios. The Minions can go fall in a pit for all I care. Let’s make another live-action movie and have Wario be the antagonist and on top of that let’s get Danny DeVito to play him. What could possibly go wrong? I’ll await my check in the mail, thank you.

12 Free Labor


Justin Hall created this comic for Dorkly. If there’s one excerpt the Pokémon games, comics, cartoons, and other associated media don’t talk about its how useful Pokémon are in society. Why are people still riding bikes, or driving cars? Why don’t people just capture something that can run them around like a Ponyta, or a flying animal like a Pidgeotto? Just think of the cost that would save on creating parking structures and roads. Of course, that brings up the question of slavery. Are Pokémon just here to do our bidding? According to this universe, Pokémon are held as equals, or partners. They are intelligent enough to understand human language and respect their trainers.

Salary questions aside, what other aspects of life would be easier with Pokémon? What about cooking? I’m not sure what Pokémon I would trust to prepare my food, but Chansey is always around to help out the nurses in the Pokémon Centers so that’s an example of a Pokémon actually being in an industry establishment. The most obvious example in this comic is the garbage disposal team. Sure let’s give Muk garbage to eat. That should solve the pollution crisis. Now Pokémon has definitely gotten too real... sigh.

11 Backing Up


Julia LePetit created this comic for Dorkly. I go back and forth when it comes to owning a physical copy of a game, or just buying it digitally. For one big AAA games rarely go on sale on PSN, the eShop, or Xbox Live. It’s not that they don’t, but compared to retail stores like Target, it’s not as often. That said it sure is a feeling when all of my games are right on the console, saving me the energy to physically putting a disc in. It’s not like it’s a monuments task, but you know, we live in a privileged society.

The one system I don’t mind having to switch games out is my portables like the 3DS. I usually buy carrying cases that house my system and have special side pockets for games. Cartridges are tiny and are easy to lose regardless of the bag though. There’s nothing worse than losing a 3DS game as this panel points out especially since most of the games can only be saved to the cartridge itself. I thank my lucky stars whenever a game gives me the option to save on both the card and the system just because I am paranoid about data. Always good to have backups!

10 The Goose That Laid The Golden Phone


Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman created this comic for Dorkly. This is another Dorkly example from a longer piece entitled “Life Before Pokémon GO and After” and is about what you would expect. It takes everyday aspects of everyday life before Pokémon GO was a thing and then looks at it after. My favorite except is the one above. For a long time, Nintendo wouldn't budge on the issue regarding bringing their games to phones. Before his passing Satoru Iwata, the former President of Nintendo, talked about the possibility of Nintendo games coming to phones in an interview with the Japanese website, Nikkei. “This is absolutely not under consideration…if we did this, Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo.”

You should never say never Nintendo.

That interview was in 2011 regarding the disastrous launch of the 3DS, its lack of games, and the price drop. It’s hard to believe there was a time when people doubted the 3DS, but now the system is fantastic. Even with their grand sales, Nintendo finally dipped into the phone market and I’m sure they’re kicking themselves now with all the money they’ve made with Pokémon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and so on.

9 A Boy In A Robot’s Body

Ready Soup

John McDevitt and Scott Mitchell created this comic for Ready Soup. Here’s a thing that has never made sense to me. Mega Man has been a long-running series since 1987 aka the best year ever. Why? I was born in it plus a lot of big franchises first blossomed during this time including Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Metroid, and more. Some of those dates are based on launches outside of the Japanese release, but whatever. Getting back to Mega Man, based on his backstory you could easily theorize that it’s based on the manga and anime, Astro Boy. Both are about elderly scientists who create young boy robots to save the world from a former colleague’s sea of evil robots. Is it plagiarism, or homage? That’s for the lawyers to figure out.

What I can’t deduce is the name. Why not Mega Boy? That’s what he is. I think we had the terrible box art that we did in the West because the artists literally thought the game was about a man and not a boy. Have you seen it before? Take a gander at this and prepare for the laughs. Again, I’m not sure why Capcom called him a man, but it sure has made for some great jokes over the years.

8 Pass The Chronicles

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. Confession time. When I said I loved The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I was referring to the Wii U version. As cool as the appeal of the Switch was I didn’t want to be burned again right away. After about half a year of success, I was finally convinced right before Super Mario Odyssey came out. There was another game that was almost out close to that, which had me pretty pumped too: Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Burn baby burn, Pyra Inferno!

I loved the first game, but found myself perplexed by Xenoblade Chronicles X. Since this game had “2” in the title I hoped it would be more like the first, but it lands somewhere in the middle. Opinions aside there are some obstacles that your partners can overcome with their elemental powers. Pyra can use fire, of course, to burn bramble away for example. Why it wouldn’t burn the whole bridge, forest, or whatever is beyond me. In a world where humans and animals are tied to weapons and or are apart of them, I guess problems like this aren’t that critical, but they are funny.

7 Never Too Late

Penny Arcade

Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik created this comic for Penny Arcade. The year was 2011. I just graduated from college a few months prior and then that Fall I landed three gigs. All of which fed into the money I used to purchase The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which launched on 11/11/11. Who wouldn’t want to launch a game on a date like that? It was a huge gimmick. A bunch of other games went with 11/1/11 including Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Sonic Generations, and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

As great as some of those other titles were they pale in comparison to Skyrim. It is a legacy unto itself, which introduced people into the series. It may not look good now, even with the HD port, but that doesn’t mean people still don’t love and continuously play it. There was the aforementioned HD port, followed by a port to the Switch, and even a VR version all of which sold tremendously well long after that initial 2011 launch. It just goes to show it’s never too late to play an old game you missed originally. Also, everything is more appealing on the Switch. EVERYTHING!

6 My Book Broke

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. As annoying as the breakable weapons are in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it’s not Nintendo’s only culprit. Their first and most prominent offender comes from the Fire Emblem franchise. Now that may be too severe a label. I’m sure after forty whacks an iron sword may break depending on what it hits. At the very least I believe it more than literally anything breaking in my 2017 game of the year recipient. Weapons aside let’s talk about mages and books.

Their tomes allow mages to cast various elemental strikes like fire, ice, lightning and so forth. They’re very valuable teammates, especially when going against hulking, seemingly impenetrable armored thugs. How can a book break like a sword though? The only way it does make sense is if mages rip out the pages after their spells are cast. I never thought about it before, but this strip may be onto something. I’m not saying it makes sense, but it’s more logical than having no official explanation at all. And if we were ranking things that make the least amount of sense this would be near the bottom-compared to some other inconsistencies with Fire Emblem. That’s a conversation for another time.

5 That’s Not How Law Works

Corpse Run Comics

Alex Di Stasi created this comic for Corpse Run Comics. This one may be a bit confusing because I’m sure the hardcore Nintendo fans recognize Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series, but may be bewildered about everything else. So here’s the scoop. In 2015 a game came out on Steam called Aviary Attorney, which was built as an homage to the Ace Attorney games. You went to court to defend your client and also went on detective missions to figure out who the culprit was. It’s also all about birds primarily. You know, bird law, which was something Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, always bragged about. Was that another intentional homage?

Anyway, the point is this is not how law works in either scenario. Lawyers aren’t detectives. That’s why we have cops in the first place. Of course, cops are there to help the prosecution and not the defense so in a way, I guess it’s up to the defense lawyers to do some snooping, but again, that’s not how the law really works. That’s okay though because I love the Ace Attorney games regardless. It’s the easiest recommendation as a starter into visual novel games if you like a good mystery.

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