Nintendo has revealed how much its employees are paid in Japan, along with some other notable statistics.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad, who discovered as much whilst going through the Nintendo of Japan recruitment page, tweeted his findings, which include the average age of a Nintendo worker in Japan, the average salary, as mentioned above, and the length of employment, among other details.

According to the page, the company has 2,271 workers currently under its employ and the average age for a Nintendo of Japan employee stands at 38.6 years. Workers typically make $80,000 a year and, on average, have worked there for 13.5 years. A normal working day at Nintendo is made up of 7 hours and 45 minutes on average, and that's inclusive of a one-hour break.

Nintendo has subsidiaries in other places around the world such as Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. However, these stats are only for Japan and they don't appear to be available for other locations.

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The above is certainly very attractive, especially when one considers how different the video game industry is in the US. The threat of a layoff is constant and has prompted talks of unionization. Only recently, Activision cut 800 members of staff despite having a "record year" as it pertains to finance in 2018.


Nintendo of Japan has really sold itself as a great place to work and also boasts a high number of female developers, as well as accommodation for women with children.

“There are many female developers in the software development departments,” director at Nintendo and senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi says.

“Especially, there are many design works involved in developing software, and very high number of females among our designers. Many of them have children, and we have created an environment to work with comfort even for those who have children. I think that [Nintendo] is a very good workplace where women can participate actively and find satisfaction in their work.”

The disclosure of these statistics come right after Nintendo's announcement regarding Pokémon Sword and Shield. It could be that the company reckons it's a great time to attract more talent.

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