People embrace the spooky season as Halloween quickly approaches. Nintendo is not a company to shy away from eerie locales. Over the course of nearly 40 years dedicated to making video games, various areas in Nintendo's games stand out for their Halloween spirit.

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Which places are the best to go to? It doesn't have to be something too horrifying. A few ghosts, zombies, and a few pumpkins make for the perfect scenery. Players looking for their ideal Halloween adventure might find a few places here.

10 Royal Valley – The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Royal Valley in Zelda Minish Cap

Players visit the Royal Valley in The Minish Cap en route to collecting the 4th Elemental for the White Sword. This haunted village is filled with Crows, Ghinis, and even a maze within the forest. While Ocarina of Time had the Shadow Temple, perhaps it might be a bit too chilling for an ideal Halloween adventure.

Just like in Wind Waker's Pirate Ship, this area lights up with beautiful purple colors to bring out that horror thematic. Players entering the graveyard will meet Dampe the Gravekeeper, too. Upon entering the Royal Crypt, however, they're not only greeted by Gibdos and Stalfos but they will also get to hear the original Legend of Zelda dungeon theme.


9 Moonlight Mansion – Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Moonlight Mansion in Kirby

The second stage in this Kirby title is perfect for a Halloween adventure. Deep within the woods and behind a graveyard awaits the Moonlight Mansion. The name itself brings out the best parts of this gloriously decorated estate.

Within its confines, the area is lit with torches. The player will take down all sorts of menaces including Sword Knight, Sir Kibble, and Batafire. The area is filled with golems as well as featuring a showdown with Whispy Woods' rocky cousin, King Golem.

8 Creepy Castle – Donkey Kong 64

Creepy Castle in Donkey Kong 64

The penultimate area of Donkey Kong 64 takes place in a haunted castle. This rainy, stormy area comes with a menacing laugh playing along with the song. Players will encounter zombie Kremlings, Kremlings with ghost sheets, and even massive flies within a garbage bin.

The biggest thrill of this Halloween adventure comes from the mine-cart ride. Along with the depths of the crypt, Creepy Castle lives up to its name as much of the area is dimly lit, dilapidated, and teaming with horror-themed enemies. Along with Creepy Castle, Fungi Forest's nighttime area also makes for a wonderful Halloween stroll featuring an enchanted forest and giant spiders.

7 Ghost Mansion – Yoshi Safari

Ghost Mansion in Yoshi Safari

Ghost Mansion may quite possibly be the rarest encounter for a Halloween adventure. Set in a long-forgotten SNES title, Ghost Mansion was filled with Boos. Thankfully, they could be taken out with the Super Scope.

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Perhaps the most exciting part of this dilapidated area was the transition to the second part. Originally with a white-colored background, the second part changes to a cyan-colored haunt. It's also worth mentioning Ghost Mansion features some of the best music in the game.

6 Haunty Halls Galaxy/Boo Moon Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy 2

Haunty Halls Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Remixing the music from Super Mario World's Ghost Houses, the haunted stages in Super Mario Galaxy 2 bring out the best in the Boos. While not taking anything away from Super Mario Galaxy's Ghostly Galaxy, however, Galaxy 2 offers a few more twists and turns. Players will enjoy witnessing the souls floating through the background of each world.

While Haunty Halls Galaxy features dilapidated, disappearing floors as Mario is chased by a Big Boo and its friends, Boo Moon Galaxy invites even more challenges. Players must move across mobile blocks while avoiding the fatally toxic substance below them. Plus nothing feels quite as exhilarating as getting shot straight to the moon to collect a Star.

5 Gloomy Gulch – Donkey Kong Country 2

Haunted Halls in DKC2

Gloomy Gulch offers a number of horror experiences for the player. Ghostly Grove starts the world with some of the most haunting, yet beautiful melodies ever heard in the Donkey Kong Country series. The Ghost Ropes disappear and reappear while chanting an otherworldly cry.

However, Haunted Hall does a complete 180 in the atmosphere by thrusting the player into a minecart stage. To make matters worse, they are being chased by the ghost Kremling, Kackle, all the while avoiding Minus Barrels. Mess up even once and risk getting taken by the specter. While Ghostly Grove will enchant the player with its atmosphere, Haunted Hall might create nightmares.

4 Spooky Trails – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Spooky Trails in Mario + Rabbids

Nothing quite feels frightful in a game filled with bunny enemies. Specifically, Spooky Trails is all about the fun parts of Halloween. The bunnies, the pumpkins, the cosplay, and the graveyard theme all come together for a fun adventure.

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Although Mario and his crew need to take down the Rabbids to make it to the other side, this area exudes charm like no other. The pumpkins scattered around the area make Spooky Trails the perfect locale for the ideal autumn adventure. Finally, the end of the stage features a musical number sung by the opera-singing Phantom who guards the Spooky Trails.

3 Osohe Castle – Mother 3

Mother 3 Osohe Castle

At first, players will enter the Sunset Cemetery as Duster. The area is filled with zombies en route to the castle. However, players reaching the castle will be confined to the walls filled with haunts of all kinds.

Osohe Castle takes the player on an adventure fighting carpet monsters, slimes, a ghostly musical genius, and even a giant snake. Here, Duster will meet the princess of Osohe Castle, Kumatora. For players looking for more haunts and charming enemies, later in the game, they will encounter an attic dungeon filled with haunted musical instruments.

2 Lavender Town – Pokemon

Pokemon Lavender Town

Nothing quite strikes the chords like Lavender Town in the first Pokemon games. The story of Cubone's mother being killed by Team Rocket sets the chilling tone. Along with that, her spirit still roams the Pokemon Tower which is already beset by ghosts.

Lavender Town was subject to a number of rumors over the years. However, the game itself presents enough intrigue to leave a lasting impression on young players. While the haunting melodies might turn away some players, others who are charmed by afterlife spirits and the town's scenery may feel right at home.

1 Hotel Last Resort – Luigi's Mansion 3

King Boo Hellen Gravely in Luigi's Mansion 3

Welcome to the Hotel Last Resort! Luigi's Mansion 3 invites the player to the culmination of the best of Luigi's haunted adventures. Taking place in a massive hotel, Luigi quickly finds that Mario, Toad, and Princess Peach have all been captured by a malevolent spirit. As the sole survivor, Luigi must climb over a dozen floors which is teeming with hostile ghosts.

The spooky thematic resonates as the atmosphere and scenery changes with each floor. A pirate ship, a dance floor, a greenhouse, and even a desert await the player on their most exciting Halloween adventure. Remember, "you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave."

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