Stocking up on colorful and creative gaming controllers is one of the best ways for gamers to express themselves. Sony and Microsoft have supported this idea for years by offering a variety of color and design options for PlayStation and Xbox accessories. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, accessory choices are a bit more limited. Sure, there are some different solid-colored Joy-Cons available, but there is only one Nintendo Pro Controller out there — plain ol' black.

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What's a charismatic gamer to do? A little DIY, of course. There are a ton of ways to turn that basic controller into something unique. Check out some awesome ideas below.

10 Hydro-Dipped: One Of A Kind

Hydro-dipping, the process of applying printed designs to any three dimensional surface, is a great way to get a one-of-a-kind design on any gaming controller. A polyvinyl alcohol film is placed in water, and the water tension causes the design to mold and stick to any item dipped in the solution. A combination of colors is used to create a stunning marble effect.

This Pro Controller from Etsy shop DripzByAri is a perfect example of a hand-dipped paint job for just the right amount of pizazz.


9 Inner Shell: Never Wears Out

Gamers who are talented with a paintbrush can always add their own hand-painted designs to controllers. However, several months of use, the paint job may start to fade or chip away. One simple yet effective solution is to paint only the inside of the Pro Controller.

Reddit user Dallinski broke down the process for painting the inside, and it's fairly simple. Remove the outer shell with a screwdriver and add a single coat of spray paint to the other side. Dallinski did note that color options can be limited due to the dark gray plastic on the outer shell. Most colors will look muted underneath.

8 Super NES: Back To The Classics

The Pro Controller is the perfect canvas for paying homage to your favorite classic Nintendo system. This beautifully hand-painted, Super NES-themed controller was modded to look just like the real thing. What better accessory is there for playing those Super NES titles from Nintendo Switch Online?

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XL Team, the Etsy shop behind this design, also carries GameCube designs, Famicom designs, and more for your dose of nostalgia.

7 Pokemon: Smash Ultimate Edition

Of course, one way to make a Pro Controller your own is to paint on your favorite video game characters (or pay someone to do it for you). This colorful Pokemon controller was inspired by Mewtwo and Lucario's return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, according to Etsy seller ParadoxProps.

This controller was airbrushed and sealed with a matte clear coat, and the details are exquisite.

6 Nostalgia: GameCube Mod

Take the nostalgia a step further by completely modifying the Pro Controller to have classic controller elements. This one was designed to look like a GameCube controller with actual GameCube sticks and octagonal gates. Once the shell was fitted to the sticks, a vinyl custom skin was applied.

Reddit user Tehxeno detailed the entire process in this post. It involves purchasing third party GameCube sticks and altering them to fit the Pro Controller, as well as altering the shell to fit.

5 Breath Of The Wild: Two For One

What's better than a custom Pro Controller? A custom Switch to match. This stunning The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is completely hand-painted and features not only the Zelda logo, but also a the Sheikah Slate symbol. The gold accents are perfect for making the Pro Controller stand out.

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This particular set was shared by Reddit user BurkeKilledJonBenet, though the products appear to be more creations from XLTeam.

4 Animal Crossing: Favorite Villager

Animal Crossing fans who weren't able to snag the official blue and green New Horizons console or the PowerA controller can always turn their own Pro Controllers into the perfect work of fan art. Reddit user Bbyqrl explained that she created this controller as a gift using a custom skin designer online. The handles and buttons were hand-painted.

The controller features popular dog villager Walker and even turns his nose into one of the Pro Controller's buttons. It's a simple yet creative way to bring your favorite villager out of the game.

3 Luigi's Mansion: L for Luigi

Mario gets enough love — this one is for Luigi. User technically_geek sells this hand-painted Luigi controller on eBay. According to the description, the shell is removed and painted using several layers of clear coat for longer durability.

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The buttons and joy-sticks are left as their natural black, allowing them to stand out against's Luigi's bright green theme. The handles even look like his denim overalls, so that's fun.

2 Joker: Hand Painted

It's all in the details for this hand-painted Joker controller from Etsy shop ModelerVStudios. The Pro Controller features not only splatter paint-style handles, but also "Ha" written graffiti-style all over the base surrounding the DC Comics Joker's face. The joy-sticks also have colored grip covers for added style. According to the seller, the buttons can also be painted upon request.

1 The Legend of Zelda: 3-D Mod

This Zelda-themed modded controller has to be one of the coolest mods out there. Australian artists We Are Robots created this masterpiece in 2018 for the winner of their AVCON competition. Inspired by Breath of the Wild, this custom build features a 3-D hand-sculpted Silent Princess Flower, as well as hand-painted stone blocks, gold, and moss for an aged feel. Of course, the game's logos finish off the look on the handles.

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