PC users are counting down the days until their slice of Japanese fantasy arrives on February 5. Nioh 2 Complete Edition is packed with enough perks to make console users jealous, and the studios behind the action-RPG have just revealed some PC-specific features of the upcoming release.

Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja shared an impressive list of features that will be accompanying the release of Nioh 2 Complete Edition on Steam. Those specs include 4K Ultra-HD support and ultra wide-screen compatibility - for users who want to make gameplay a cinematic experience. The Complete Edition will also carry support for HDR and 144hz monitors, as well as the option to lock in 60fps or 120fps on compatible systems. Lastly, PC enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the full mouse and keyboard customizations, as well as gamepad compatibility.

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PC users will experience Nioh 2 gameplay to its fullest thanks to these features, but there’s also a little gift for PlayStation owners too. Within the first three weeks of the Complete Edition’s release, PC and PlayStation customers will receive the “Sohaya Deserter Garb” and the “Ornate Gold Armor” as bonus gifts. The Ornate armor is fit for any emperor, sporting a towering, feather-like headpiece with a gold bodysuit that could stun enemies with its reflection. PS4 users will also be able to scoop these rewards if they play the original game within the same time frame, and last-gen owners who purchase The Complete Edition will be eligible for a free next-gen upgrade.


Nioh 2 Complete Edition will include all three DLC expansions, which you will be able to jump straight into after completing the initial campaign. The inclusion of the three DLCs will serve you the complete Nioh 2 narrative in one pack, but this edition will also offer new weapons and enemies - in addition to the aforementioned armor gifts. Owners of the Complete Edition will also have access to the Splitstaff and the Fists from the get-go - offering you 16 different weapons to choose from.

February is only a few weeks away, but if you crave more information on the upcoming release then our Nioh 2 Complete Edition preview is just for you.

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