Alright, you can stop pasting Sean Murray's face to everything in No Man's Sky (and no, there’s no relation to your humble author). Update 3.6 is here, and like most No Man's Sky updates, we've got a lot to talk about.

The biggest deal with Frontiers is in the name itself. Frontiers adds procedurally generated frontier settlements to No Man's Sky. Little alien towns on the edge of known space just teeming with life and strife, and they need you to take the reins of governance to keep them safe from various threats both internal and external.

Once you set yourself up as a benevolent dictator, you can name the settlement, start solving disputes between its denizens, and best of all, build it out to your heart's content. Want your town to be a mecca of industry? Build a bunch of farms and factories. Want to be more laid back and be in charge of a tourist town? Then build fun stuff like parks and recreation complexes.

Settlements - via Hello Games
via Hello Games

So what do you get out of being mayor of your own town? Well, you get a salary and a share of whatever resources your town produces. It's good to be the king.

Along with the new city-building comes an overhaul of No Man’s Sky’s base-building apparatus. A brand new GUI makes it easier to scroll through various build options, which is a good thing since there are now 250 more options to explore.

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But it's not all building and governing with the Frontiers update. Yet another visual overhaul updates the game's combat effects, destruction effects, multi-tool beams, and even adds colorful nebulas to break up the monotony of space. The save system has been overhauled to allow 15 save slots instead of five, and save data has been made more efficient to allow save files with "thousands of hours" of gameplay.


A new Expedition is set to begin shortly and will have players start on a toxic planet with a unique starting ship. There are also new monstrous pets that are like regular pets, but scarier.

Finally, Twitch drops are about to become a thing in No Man's Sky. Expect to gain unique and exclusive rewards from watching your favorite No Man's Sky streamer, including base parts, companions, ships, cosmetics, and more.

No Man's Sky Frontiers is out now on all platforms.

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