October’s Loot Crate package is going to have a bunch of exclusive Fallout swag for all you wastelanders out there.

Fallout has a die-hard fanbase. Even when Fallout 76 turned out to be a raging dumpster fire that only 1.5 more years of development could solve, Fallout fans still stuck by the franchise because they just loved getting lost in the blast-swept landscape. Whether they’re in the Mojave Desert or the foothills of Virginia, there’s always a rad scorpion to run away from.

Or towards, in the case of the new package available from Loot Crate. Called the October Fallout Rad! crate, this box of goodies will contain exclusive Fallout loot that even the most radiation-burned ghoul can enjoy.

Exclusive content to the Rad! crate includes a Radscorpion figure to terrorize your family, an exclusive Tesla Magazine T-shirt to show which Russian inventor is your favorite, and an exclusive Lucky Deathclaw Hand keychain to reveal just how lucky you are to have survived a run-in with the most terrifying denizen of the wastes.

via Loot Crate

There’s more stuff to be found in each Rad! crate, but this is all that Loot Crate decided to share with us.

As always, the price for the October Loot Crate is $34.99, with the Fallout crate orders stopping on October 3 at 9PM. Get your order in before then or you’ll miss out.

Source: Loot Crate

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