Being the first ever headset from Oculus to be its own stand-alone console (meaning it doesn't need to be plugged into your PC to work), the Oculus Quest needs some standout titles in order to stand out in the market. Thankfully, it does!

No matter what genre you like or how easily you are affected by motion sickness, the newest headset from Oculus has a game for you that we are happy to say play great! Here are the 10 best Oculus Quest games you can play right now.

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10 Beat Saber


There's a reason why this is the game has topped sales charts for VR gaming for months. Beat Saber is what happens when rhythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero get a shot in the arm, VR style.

In this game you use lightsabers to slash red and blue blocks which fly at you face first in rhythm with the song. It's incredibly addictive and will give your arms quite a workout. A must buy for music fans.


9 Job Simulator

If you're looking for a game to get started off with the basics of VR game, Job Simulator is the perfect choice for you.

In this game you take control of a human in a world where robots have taken over. But don't worry! These robots are chill and only want to simulate boring human jobs they've long taken over from like Office Worker and Store Clerk. While the gameplay is simple, its humor and charm will keep you coming back often.

8 Superhot VR

One of the most unique action games you'll ever play, Superhot VR is a simple game in concept. In this title, all you have to is kill your targets who are also gunning for you.

But there is a twist; time only moves when you do. With this crucial mechanic, the game takes on a huge strategy twist that forces you to plan out your attacks carefully lest you screw yourself over. For those who like action but still want to use your brain, this is for you.

7 Moss

Without a doubt the cutest VR game you'll play, Moss is the closest thing VR has to a Crash Bandicoot or Sonic The Hedgehog as a mascot anthropomorphic protagonist platform/puzzle game.

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In this fantasy title, you take control of Quill, a mouse warrior who is trying to save her uncle from an evil snake who has taken over the kingdom. With clever design, adorable art style and easy controls, Moss is the best platformer on the Quest.

6 Dance Central VR

Now that Microsoft has effectively given up on trying to make the Kinect a thing, Harmonix has taken their solid Dance Central series to the Quest with Dance Central VR. 

If you played Dance Central or Just Dance before, you should know what to expect. Perform the dance motions to a song correctly to earn points and advance through. With the freedom of no wires running along your room with the Oculus Quest however, you truly have more freedom to bust a move than ever before with this on the Quest.

5 Pokerstars VR

Sure, playing poker in VR might not seem like that exciting of a proposal. But what if I told you that you can fire a gun at your opponent or shoot snowballs at them? You can do that in Pokerstars VR.

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This Texas Hold 'Em VR game puts you online with up to 8 players at a table to gamble your way to the top. Along the way, you can trade in earned tokens for new cosmetic items and consumables like beer, pipes and old school revolvers. Sure you can't actually kill your opponent with them, but that's where imagination comes in.

4 Creed: Rise To Glory

Before Creed: Rise To Glory, the last video game based on the Rocky movie series was Rocky Balboa for the PSP in 2007. Luckily, the series returns in full force with this game.

With tight, responsive controls and what is likely the most physically demanding VR game on this list, Creed: Rise To Glory makes you really feel immersed in the Rocky world. If you wanted to be Adonis Creed but not suffer a dozen concussions in a single fight, pick up this game.

3 Sports Scramble

People tend to forget just how damn popular Wii Sports was back in the day for Nintendo. While motion games seem to have fallen out of popularity on major consoles, Sports Scramble looks to bring back some of that success.

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Not only do you get to fiddle around with classics like Baseball, Tennis and Hockey, but it also has online play which is something Wii Sports didn't have. In your face Nintendo!

2 Vader Immortal

Ever wanted to hold a lightsaber in your hand as you stand across from the Sith Lord himself Darth Vader? Of course, you do and with Vader Immortal: Episode 1 on Oculus Quest, you can do just that.

While this has some action bits to it, you're likely going to mainly play the game for its original storyline. However, the game does also have a lightsaber training area for those who just want to slash robots with fiction's most iconic weapon.

1 Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

As arcades have fallen to the wayside in favor of home consoles, it's easy to forget just how fun games like House Of The Dead and Time Crisis were at your local arcades. If you've been hankering to scratch that light gun itch you have, Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition is the Quest game to buy.

The game is exactly what you imagine a light gun game in VR would be. You face off against endless hordes of zombies let loose by a mad scientist with a variety of guns and melee weapons. The best part in our opinion is that you can throw your melee weapon into a zombie's head and then pull it back to you like you're wielding Thor's Mjolnir hammer. In our opinion, that's worth the price of the game alone.

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