Proposing to the love of your life is something special, so you're going to want to get a very special ring. If your partner can't get enough Pokémon, this wedding ring set is perfect for you. Don't worry, they're made from precious metals, so they're legit.

Pokémon-related clothing and jewelry aren't particularly new. Back in July, we reported on custom-made hats from another Japanese company who wanted to show off their culture with a $500 Pikachu hat—among other offerings. Of course, a wedding ring has a little bit more feeling behind it than a hat. That being said, these rings aren't just cutesy presents—although they are cute—they are lovingly crafted using gold and platinum and meant to be part of a bridal set.

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Reported by Nintendo Soup, the Japanese jewelry company U-Treasure is the mind behind this design that featuring tiny Evee characters. The design was revealed yesterday and is available for purchase right now. As with most jewelry, there are different grades that you can purchase depending on your price range. The most expensive is made of platinum and 18-carat rose gold which will run you about $2,000. The diamond, of course, is not included, so you'll need to buy that separately.

If you're wondering what the text in the tweet says, it translates to "Eevee's bridal ring appears! A motif of male and female Eevee U-TREASURE original design ring. Let's start the new life of the two of you with Pokemon." U-Treasure makes jewelry of many popular anime and manga characters, so their site is filled with necklaces and rings that you won't find other places. This isn't costume jewelry though, so you'll be paying for the precious metals that go into the pieces. For example, the cheapest of the Eevee rings is going to run you $373 and will be made of silver and 18-carat pink gold. 


This is serious jewelry for serious fans. It's also seriously cool. You're going to want to make sure your partner is very committed to their Pokémon fandom before you propose with this though. Non-traditional ring designs aren't for everyone, but they are unique. If you want to hedge your bets, there are also a ton of really cool designs for less formal occasions on the site. You'll have to translate everything and they may not be able to ship it outside of Japan, but it's worth taking a look.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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