Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee are a wonderful return to Kanto for both old and new Pokemon fans. Not only is the game more original for its Pokemon Go inspired mechanics, but it’s all remixed with a classic Pokemon experience that many players are going to find pleasant and familiar.

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Unfortunately, one key similarity to the original games is a variety of overpowered moves. This includes both new and old moves that can run over opponents with little effort. If players come across the move tutors and TMs that can teach these moves to the team, they’re going to have very little trouble against any trainer that gets in their way.

10 Sky Attack

Farfetch'd using Sky Attack in Pokemon Let's Go

Something that many people might not know about the Let’s Go games is that there are a few deviations to certain moves that aren’t found in any other game. This includes several buffs and ability changes with one of the most dramatic belonging to the two-turn Flying-type move Sky Attack.

Rather than having its standard base power of 120, this move has a much more dramatic 200 points. This is a huge boost, but players need a turn to charge it up. Many of its users like the legendary birds and Pidgeot might faint before they can annihilate enemies with this move.


9 Solar Beam

Bulbasaur using Solar Beam in the Pokemon anime

The other massive buff given to a classic move is in Solar Beam and, on the surface, it’s disappointingly equal to Sky Attack. It’s another move that takes two turns to use and has an immensely higher base power of 200 as opposed to its original 120 power.

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In theory, this would make Solar Beam far more powerful, as one can normally shortcut its attack time by having the Pokemon stand in Sunny Day weather. Unfortunately, weather didn’t make an appearance in the Let’s Go games meaning Solar Beam is always going to take two turns to unleash.

8 Moonblast

Clefable using Moonblast in the Pokemon anime among the night sky

Our last return to Kanto occurred in the fourth generation of Pokemon games. The main additions were the inclusion of Physical and Special moves for each Pokemon type. This was a great way to diversify things, but this return comes with an even larger change of Fairy-type Pokemon being added to the Pokedex.

There are relatively few Fairy-types besides the Jigglypuff, Clefairy, and Mr. Mime families. However, they also come with many moves that the original games didn't include. Moonblast is the strongest Fairy-type move that comes to the game. Its "Super Effective" range can completely run over harder opponents like Elite 4 members Bruno and Lance.

7 Ice Beam

Articuno using Ice Beam in the Pokemon anime

Unlike the prior moves on this list, Ice Beam is about the same as it was in the first Pokemon games. It’s a standard Ice-type attack with a chance of freezing opponents, and while Freeze is not as detrimental as it was on the original Game Boy, this move can seem fairly unexciting to most players.

However, it must be stressed that Ice Beam is way stronger than it looks. There are tons of Flying and Ground-type Pokemon by the end of the game and having access to an Ice-type move with a perfect base accuracy is almost always going to be good for any team. Players can trade a traditional Vulpix for an Alola Vulpix to pick up an early opportunity at using Ice Beam.

6 Veevee Volley

Eevee using Veevee Volley in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

Several moves have yet to return in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but one lacking attack has been Return. This classic move has one of the highest base powers in the entire game as it is dependent on a Pokemon’s friendship level. It gives many Normal-type Pokemon a huge edge. Return doesn’t exist in the Let’s Go games either, but there’s another pair of moves that does something equivalent.

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A player's main Pikachu or Eevee partner can learn a move that does the same thing which is called Veevee Volley for an Eevee. This gives it the strongest Normal-type move in the game making Veevee Volley move is a must-run regardless of the rest of a team.

5 Earthquake

Nidoking using Earthquake in the Pokemon anime

Much like Ice Beam, Earthquake is a grossly powerful move that nearly any team is better off having. It might not have as much "Super Effective" coverage as other moves, but having a base power of 100 is extremely high for any standard move.

What’s remarkable about Earthquake, though, is that all kinds of Pokemon can learn this Ground-type move. The titular partners are some of the rare exceptions, but all sorts of powerful and physically-aggressive Pokemon can have this in their arsenal as a great off-type Attack for extra coverage.

4 Fire Blast

Charizard using Fire Blast in the Pokemon Origins anime

People often underestimate Fire Blast due to its accuracy, but it’s surprisingly more powerful than the other moves in its family. Thunder and Blizzard are far less accurate -- mostly because they’re tied to certain weather conditions. Fire Blast has a much better accuracy rating of 85.

This means Fire Blast will land far more often than people think. While players get it fairly late on Cinnabar Island before dealing with the vulnerable Gym Leaders, it’s still a great alternative to Flamethrower if trainers want something with an extra burst of power at a very small cost.

3 Buzzy Buzz

Eevee using Buzzy Buzz on Muk in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

Some of the strongest moves in the game belong to the special Eevee and Pikachu partners. But most of them are generally balanced. Many of Pikachu’s moves give it access to special move types that are normally reserved for events, but Eevee’s can provide tons of elemental moves to allude to its evolutions. Players gain them as they travel and some of these moves get pretty absurd.

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One of these is Buzzy Buzz, an Electric-type move that will Paralyze an opponent on impact. This status condition is extremely hard for an opponent to deal with as it cuts their Speed in half and causes their moves to fail a quarter of the time. Having the status effect be attached to such significant damage makes it way stronger than nearly any other Electric-type move in the series.

2 Baddy Bad

Raichu being hit by Baddy Bad in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

The other remarkable move that Eevee learns is a Dark-type move named Baddy Bad. While this name makes it sound remarkably childish, it’s no joke. This will deal large amounts of damage while also setting up a Reflect shield for several turns. That shield blocks half of all physical damage dealt to a trainer's team.

The only other instances of this effect being attached to damage are a Psychic-type move that a special Eevee can learn. It does the same thing with a shield for special moves. The other move is G-Max Move from Lapras in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Beyond that, there are few Dark-type Pokemon and very few Dark-type moves in the game which makes a move with this power and effect incredibly rare in this version of Kanto.

1 Zippy Zap

Pikachu using Zippy Zap in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Compared to any other move in the game, Zippy Zap feels like a mistake. Pikachu already has tons of great Electric-type attacks including an Electric-type version of Return like Eevee’s Veevee Volley. But those moves are blown out of the water by the move Zippy Zap from the move tutor in the Cerulean City Pokemon Center.

This not only deals a fair amount of physical damage, but results in a Critical Hit each time. That means that it deals additional damage and will ignore any stat changes that would change the damage of an attack. This already is plenty powerful, but the move will also hit at the speed of Quick Attack. This means trainers can essentially destroy any opponent with this move before they even have a chance to fight back. It can easily make all sorts of opponents feel like absolute jokes.

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