There are technically only three classes of daughters when you begin Othercide, but a fourth, the Scythedancer, is introduced once you first reach the third era's boss. After that, she will be free to use right from the start on any new recollection. With slightly less time to familiarize yourself with how she works, you'll want to brush up on what makes her such an essential addition to your roster. Just because she's a little late to the party doesn't mean she isn't worth your time.

The Scythedancer is just as fleshed out and diverse as the three other classes, and fits a new role you'll be glad to finally have an answer for: armor breaking.

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Best Skills

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Just like the three default classes, the Scythedancer is given a choice between two new skills at level one, five, ten, and 15. Not only do we feel confident in which ones you should pick, but also think that her last skill may be one of, if not the best skills in the entire game.

You can pick between The Reaping and Dance of Revenge at level one, and should definitely go with The Reaping. It's amazing at tearing off an enemy's armor, but also hits 12 times. Those hits may not be a lot, but when you stack it 12 times, along with the buffs from memories we'll get to later, it can deal massive damage. Dance of Revenge really can't compare, only triggering when another unit is attacked and only granting an initiative boost.

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I hope you like dancing, because at level five you can either learn Deadly Dance or Dance of Fury. Deadly Dance is the better choice here, buffing your Scythedancer by taking enemy armor while dishing out some damage at the same time. Because it works over time, she'll keep gaining that armor to make her even more tanked up for her next turn. Dance of Fury is a one-time gain of 110 armor and a 60% damage buff for each incoming attack, but this isn't a class that should be taking that much aggro.

For level ten you'll want to go with Dance of Binding. It will activate from basically anything the enemy does and interrupt with a huge burst of damage. It completely outclasses Dance of the Dead, which deals about 1/3rd of the damage and only grants a 15% damage buff if it kills. Sure, that can stack up over a battle, but you can really easily put yourself into too much trouble while trying to get it to work.

Finally, at level 15, you can get what is probably the best skill in all of Othercide – The Harvesting. What makes it so good? It does over 800 damage by every enemy on the map. That's right, you can cast this skill right at the start of a mission and smile as a bunch of pesky enemies die off without you ever having to see them. And those that do survive will be weaker without a chance to do anything in return. The 200% damage buff she gets is just a cherry on top.

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Best Memories

Because the Scythedancer can lean two different ways, either focusing on her armor breaking or dealing a lot of damage, there are two types of memories you can go for. If you like stripping armor, Master and Dissociate each apply -60 and -80 armor respectively.

We find buffing The Harvesting more satisfying, but there's some options here too. If you want to add on an initiative delay, Inferno and Return each add 10 or 20 respectively. You could also go with Summoning, which immobilizes enemies for 35 timeline initiative. If we had to pick a favorite, Ruin might just edge out the others. It makes enemies take 30% more damage for 30% timeline initiative, making The Harvesting almost too good to be true.

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