The Pyromancer is a medium-range class that is basically Outriders' mage: squishy and can feel a bit underpowered in the early game. With the right approach through of three class trees for Pyromancer (Ash Breaker, Fire Storm, and Tempest), you can create a powerful build that can sustain health and deal damage.

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In terms of mods, each mod for the Pyromancer is very specific for the kind of Pyromancer build you're going for. You can check out our guide to a great Pyromancer build here. We'll cover some of the best mods for the class.

4 Best Mods For A Pure Ash Pyromancer Build

outriders ash blast skill

The Technomancer has Freeze, the Devastator has Bleed, and the Pyromancer has Ash. This ability is best employed via the Feed the Flames skill and the Ash Blast skill. You'll be able to sustain via the health drain of Feed of the Flames and hold your enemies in place with the Ash Blast. Sort of works like the Technomancer's Cryo Turret.

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The best mods for an Ash Pyromancer build include the Ashen Champion mod for the F.A.S.E.R Beam skill that allows a bit more Ash flexibility with your skills, the Tier 3 Ashes and Leeches mod for the Ash Blast skill that improves weapon leech bonus, ideal for extra sustainability in the late game, and the Tier 3 Neutral weapon mod Ultimate Ashen Bullets, that causes your bullets to inflict the Ash mark on enemies.

Other mods to consider for an Ash build include:

  • A great early game mod to pick up is the Tier 1 Final Breath mod for Feed the Flames, which greatly improves health sustain by 25 percent
  • The tier 3 mod Master Consumer, consumes both Ash and Burn status to deal extra damage (lots of good synergies here for late-game expedition runs)
  • The Tier 3 mod Death Sentence for Ash Blast boosts damage significantly against enemies afflicted with the skill, a big damage increase in the late-game

3 Best Mods For The Fire Storm Pyromancer Build

outriders pyromancer

Heading down the Fire Storm tree is all about boosting health and reducing damage taken, turning your glass-cannon Pyromancer into a bit of a unit. You should be able to sustain a lot of extra damage via this route. Thanks to the awesome Outriders skill tree reset system, you can always try this route if you find yourself dying a lot on a high world tier difficulty. It relies heavily on Feed the Flames and F.A.S.E.R Beam.

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Some of the best mods for a tankier Pyromancer build include the Tier 3 Fame Grasper mod for Feed The Flames which allows the absorption of two extra targets, boosting health regen; the Tier 1 Fire Eater mod for Feed the Flames, boost health drain from Burn afflicted enemies by 150 percent, some good synergy here, and probably something like the Tier 3 Golem Rising mod, this grants you a 3-second protective Golem shield after killing an enemy.

Other great mods for the Fire Storm pyromancer include:

  • Tier 3 neutral Ultimate Ashen Bullets mod, shots inflict ash on enemies with a one-second cooldown, ideal for halting opponents in their tracks and giving you time for your skills to cool down
  • Tier 1 Healthy Lifestyle mod for F.A.S.E.R Beam, boost health regen by 50 percent after the skill ends, even more sustain
  • Tier 3 Fire Tsunami mod for the Heatwave skill, this skill complements the AOE damage elements of the Fire Storm build, a great addition

2 Best Mods For The Classic Tempest Pyromancer Build

outriders heatwave skill

The Tempest tree for the Pyromancer is the one that feels most classically mage-like. You'll be dealing big AOE damage with an array of fancy fire spells that synergize plenty with the Pyromancer kit of skills, mods, and weapons. This build is heavily reliant on Heatwave, Ash Blast, and Eruption.

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You'll want to pick endgame mods that complement your skills, so we recommend the Strength From Fire mod for Heatwave at Tier 3, this boosts your overall weapon damage by 15 percent for each enemy affected by the skill, the Tier 1 Giga-Blast mod for Eruption, which increases the skill's radius by 100 percent for extra AOE potential, and the Tier 1 Ash Armor Down mod for Ash Blast, which reduces enemy armor by 50 percent for 5 seconds.

Other mods for a classic mage AOE build include:

  • The Tier 3 Neutral mod Ultimate Ashen Bullets is just great with any Pyromancer build, as it allows your gun to inflict the Ash status on enemies
  • The Tier 3 Wrath of Moloch mod (found on the Inferno Seed legendary) deals huge Burn damage, ideal for a top-tier endgame Pyromancer
  • For a slightly earlier game build, try out the Tier 2 Crematorium mod that causes your killing shots to cause an Ash-inducing explosion

1 Best Mods For A Pure Burn Build On Pyromancer

outriders pyromancer skills

There is a lot of synergy for Burn on the Pyromancer, and although Burn will fit neatly into any of the above build ideas, you can structure your Pyromancer around Burn and Burn only. With a good range of damage and sustainability, the Burn build makes perfect sense. It's more than suitable to take down some of the game's harder quests, and later the harder expeditions.

Some ideas for strong Burn mods include the Tier 2 Neutral armor mod Blazing Aegis, which increases armor stacking according to how many enemies with Burn you've killed; the powerful Tier 2 mod Bullet Kindling, which increases damage against Burn-afflicted enemies by 20 percent, and the great Tier 1 Mod Burning Ground, which causes enemies exploded with Thermal Bomb to leave behind burning patches of earth.

Other mod ideas for a Burn build include:

  • Tier 1 Wildfire mod for Thermal Bomb, inflicts Burn damage on every enemy damage by the skill explosion
  • Tier 2 Mark of the Stake, an awesome mod that inflicts Burn on any enemy damaged by your weapon when you reload it
  • Burning Bullets mod, at any level this mod is ideal for a Burn build as it allows your guns (not just your skills) to inflict Burn

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