The Trickster is one of the most enjoyable classes in Outriders just because of its fast-paced gameplay. There are a lot of fun options down each of the three trees (Assassin, Harbinger, Reaver) that allow for a sneaky and stealthy playstyle, or a blitz approach with serious close-range damage.

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We've already covered the Trickster in our suggested build guide, but here we're going to go over the more detailed list of mods that are best for each of the Trickster's varied builds.

4 Best Mods For An Up Close And Personal Trickster Build

outriders trickster close range

The Trickster is all about getting close to your enemies and dealing huge amounts of damage. This is how you heal as a Trickster, so this playstyle is sort of what the game pushes you towards. That being said, there is still a lot of flexibility, especially with mods. With the right build, the Trickster is a great class to take on some of the more challenging expeditions.

Some of the best mods for a close-range damage Trickster build include the generally good Tier 2 mod Personal Space that offers a flat 15 percent bonus to close range weapon damage; the tier 3 Introvert neutral mod that increases the classification of Close Range by 2 meters, and the Tier 3 Stare Into The Barrel mod which boosts firepower for each enemy in close range.

Other good mods for a close-range Trickster build include:

  • Class-specific Tier 1 mod Thunder Dome for Slow Trap, which gives you a big shield boost after the trap comes to an end
  • A mod like Apply Shield or Double Stop for your Temporal Blade skill, you'll be using this skill a lot
  • Tier 1 Geiger's Wave mod for Time Rift inflicts Vulnerable on all affected enemies, very useful

3 Best Mods For The Twisted Trickster Build

outriders trickster jump

We recently covered the power of the Twisted Trickster build in our guide, but here are the fundamentals: it relies on the Twisted Rounds skill, Hunt the Prey, and Venator's Knife, and is all about immense damage provided by Twisted Rounds.

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There are some mods that are 100% necessary for this build, they include the Ammo Bargain Tier 3 Armor Mod, although this only drops from a Legendary armor set; the Tier 1 Strong Twist armor mod that boosts weapon's firepower while Twisted Rounds is active, and the Tier 1 Radiation Jump mod that in inflicts vulnerable whenever you Hunt the Prey.

Other mods recommended for this build include:

  • Vampiric Mag at Tier 2, makes killing shots on enemies afflicted with Bleed replenish 50 percent of ammo
  • Bloodlust armor mod at Tier 2, killing shots increase your overall Firepower and can stack up to 3 times, just great for extra damage
  • Eager Edges armor mod at Tier 1, Venator's Knife bounces to two extra targets

2 The Harbinger Trickster Build Best Mods

outriders trickster slow trap

The Harbinger Trickster is the tankiest build possible for the class. Of course, it's not as tanky as a Devastator build, but it'll do. Through its various points along the skill tree, it will boost health, armor, and general resistance and eventually provide a big boost to your Deception skills by providing a shield when they're activated. This means you're going to want to stick to skills like Slow Trap, Venator's Knife, and Time Rift.

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Some great mods that complement the Deception skills include the Tier 1 Weakening Zone mod for Slow Trap, which causes any enemies in the range of the trap to be afflicted with Weakness; the Eager Edges mod for Venator's Knife that adds two more bounces to the knife's path, and lastly, the Tier 1 Long Range Time Rift mod which triples the skill's range.

Here are some other ideas for mods that work well along the Harbinger tree:

  • Tier 2 neutral mod Vortex Chamber, inflicts further Slow according to any enemies damaged by your weapon when you reload it (great mod)
  • Improved Weakening or Vulnerability bullets at Tier 2, complements your already existing skills
  • Powerful Tier 3 mod And Another One for the Time Rift skill, which means any shot you hit on an enemy affected by the skill will not be consumed as ammo

1 The Reaver Trickster Build Mods

outridrers temporal slice skill

The Reaver tree for the Trickster is quite well balanced, with boosts for each type of your skills, as well as improvements for damage dealt with Assault Rifles. It can feel a little tricky to know what exactly to spec into for this tree, as there seems to be upgrades across the board.

Here are some mods ideas for the Reaver tree: you want to focus on mods for Anomaly Power, so mods like the tier 2 Anomaly Enhancement mod (which increases Firepower by 30 percent of your AP) is a great choice; you could also try the Tier 2 Aura of Force mod which grants Anomaly Power to you and your allies for kills with critical shots, and the tier 2 Untamed Power mod that deals AOE damage based on your Anomaly Power every time you activate a skill. These are all neutral mods.

Class-specific mods that complement the Reaver tree include:

  • Tier 1 Anomaly Cut mod for Venator's Knife, this deals X anomaly damage that scales with your AP
  • You'll want to start stacking shield by the time you get to the end of the Reaver tree, so consider a tier 1 mod like Short-Term Loan for the Borrowed Time skill, this reduces its cooldown by 22 percent
  • The Tier 1 Thunder Dome mod for Slow Trap (you receive 100 percent shield when the skill ends) scales well with the Reaver tree's shield boost

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