In just two months, Pathea Games' upcoming sequel has managed to find itself in over 100,000 Steam user's wishlists. My Time At Sandrock, the successor to My Time At Portia, is a Kickstarter project aiming to enter early access in Spring 2021 with console ports releasing in March 2022.

Like its predecessor, My Time at Sandrock is all about fixing up your workshop whilst also bringing the town into an economic boom. Naturally, the story and location differ, but the general core gameplay seems to have remained intact, with the goal being to gather resources, make friends, and explore the wasteland.

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To celebrate hitting 100k wishlists on Steam, Pathea Games has added customizable makeup which will be available on launch. There are a couple of other milestones yet to be hit, with 150k wishlists adding customizable furniture, and 200k wishlists adding multiplayer play-dates.

The success story of My Time at Sandrock doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon and it's likely that those milestones will be hit or at, the least, Pathea Games will come close. Right at the start, Pathea hit its $100k goal on Kickstarter in only 19 hours. On top of that, the goal was 5x over, meaning that they made half a million dollars.

My Time at Sandrock has a very similar setting to the prior game with a post-apocalyptic world that surprisingly turned out well which is a rare sight. Even Horizon Zero Dawn has robot dinosaurs roaming about and bandits galore, but My Time At Sandrock imagines a world 300 years after a terrible event with humanity getting better. Society is, for all intents and purposes, thriving.


My Time at Portia was free in Epic Games' giveaway but, if you missed it, it's currently 66% off in Steam's Winter Sale. So, can jump in to get a taste of what's to come in the highly-anticipated sequel: if you're not sold, in essence, it's a 3D Stardew Valley, and who could say no to that?

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