The third season of the Overwatch League was initially to be a sort of make-or-break year for the league's future, as its planned international homestands presented a costly but potentially paradigm-shifting model for esports competition. That all changed, of course, for the same reasons behind virtually every other stoppage or cancellation this year. Whether due to these complications or simple burnout, more players have departed from their teams during the past couple of months than in any stretch of the Overwatch League previously. The latest to announce his retirement is the Boston Uprising's off-tank Brussen.

Brussen started in the off-tank position for the Boston Uprising in their past few matches. Prior to that, the team's starting off-tank Mouffin was let go by the organization due to a pattern of predatory behavior. This meant that Brussen's transition from a supplementary role on his team to a starting role was sudden and likely unexpected. That said, he played the part as competently as a player could given that it was for a team already widely considered the worst in the league.

Taking his place is Australian off-tank Punk, who is joining the team from Uprising Academy, Boston's Contenders team. Previously, Punk played for the Australia-based Sydney Drop Bears alongside his New Zealander neighbor Colourhex, who he will be rejoining on the Uprising. Punk's counterpart on the Drop Bears, Trill, joined the Dallas Fuel during last year's season, though has yet to play over Gamsu, who's remained a star in his role on all three teams for whom he's played the main tank position.

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Boston Uprising's reputation as an organization isn't necessarily great among fans, as the team has a tendency to trade away its star players and replace them with rookie signings. That said, Brussen only had good, albeit brief, things to say about his time on the team in his Twitlonger explaining his departure.


It's worth noting too that Brussen mentioned the "V" word in his Twitlonger: VALORANT. While not cited as an explicit factor behind his departure as it was for stars Corey and Sinatraa, Brussen very well may have been lured away by Riot's new all-but-guaranteed hit. The Uprising play next on May 16th against a strong-but-not-quite-elite Los Angeles Gladiators squad.

Source: Boston Uprising

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