In yet another case of something so common it strains the definition of "news," an Overwatch League player was suspended and ultimately fired for terrible behavior. This time it's Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez, formerly of the Boston Uprising, being booted over sexual misconduct allegations. Allegations went up on Twitter for the world to see on Sunday, and were met with a contract termination on Monday.

Sanchez was exposed on Twitter on Sunday the 8th when screenshots of his conversations with a 14-year-old fan were posted on Twitter. As if that wasn't enough, the fan in question also put out a statement backing the screenshots and telling her story.


The fan says in her statement that she ran an Overwatch League fan account. One day, she was followed by DreamKazper, who she engaged in private messages with. Those messages turned into a friendship after he bought her a copy of Overwatch and invited her to play with him. Despite him being 21 and her being 14, she says that he "progressively got more and more flirty. Complimenting my appearance, and making sexual innuendos that I shrugged off at the time." She eventually couldn't shrug it off, however, as he gave her his private phone number and Snapchat account. There, she recalls, "He would send me shirtless pictures of him in his boxers on Snapchat, but on Facetime everything was exposed."

The Overwatch League was quick to respond, announcing Sanchez's immediate, indefinite suspension while an investigation was underway. The Boston Uprising offered little comment other than to say it was also investigating and backed the League's suspension. Then, on the 9th, the Uprising gave an official announcement that Sanchez was indeed fired from the team.


While this story is shocking and cringe-inducing in a vacuum, it unfortunately isn't so unbelievable in the context of Overwatch League. This is a sport that, before its first season has even ended, had a player fired for making regular homophobic remarks and several others suspended for account boosting. That's to say nothing of the various Twitter controversies and feuds. At this point, the biggest upsets are not the outcomes of the games, but the increasing total of players that turn out to be scumbags.

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