Reinhardt is a character who earned a spot as a fan-favorite among Overwatch players very early on due to his big personality and easy to learn but hard to master mechanics. This popularity has led to Blizzard putting out some fascinating lore about the German Overwatch agent and top-level players figuring out smart ways to maximize his abilities.

With this in mind, we decided to round up 10 lore facts and gameplay tips regarding Reinhardt's hammer that most fans don't know about.

10 It Is Rocket-Powered

While Reinhardt's power armor does provide him with a great deal of strength, he still needs some help when it comes to swinging his hammer as quickly as he does. This is where the thrusters on the back of the weapon come into play as the rockets can be seen activating on swings to increase its power and speed.

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It can be easy to assume the glow that appears when Reinhardt swings is just a visual cue added by Blizzard, but it is actually the hammer's rockets propelling the weapon.


9 It Can Be Swung Once Every 0.9 Seconds

Speaking of how fast Reinhardt swings his hammer, in the game the weapon can be used once every 0.9 seconds which is 0.3 seconds slower than Brigitte's rocket flail. This means that it takes a total of 1.8 seconds for players to finish a full cycle of two attacks starting right to left and ending left to right.

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It is essential to internalize the rhythm of swings when playing Reinhardt as a full set of attacks will allow him to significantly damage and knock around anyone unlucky enough to be in front of him.

8 Swing Animations Can Be Cancelled For Faster Damage

For anyone curious if there is a way to increase Reinhardt's damage per second, there are a couple of strategies involving animation canceling that high-level Rein mains utilize to improve their play.

The first tactic is to use Fire Strike the moment your hammer makes contact with your desired target. Doing this will allow you to hit an enemy with a swing and Fire Strike faster than you could complete two basic attacks. For the second strategy, all you will need to do is bring up Reinhardt's shield the moment you hit an enemy. This will allow you to damage an opponent without completing the entire swing animation.

7 It Can Send Earthshatters Under Payloads

Many players know that when Reinhardt uses his Earthshatter he slams his hammer into the ground to send out a shockwave, but not everyone knows that he can actually send this ultimate under payloads. This is a tactic that can be seen quite often during Overwatch League matches to catch opponents off guard and give them very little chance of blocking the Earthshatter.

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Most pro players will start on the side of the payload before moving behind the cart to make the other team think that they are backing off to bait them into pushing forward. Once the Reinhardt player notices the enemy advancing towards them, they will drop their ultimate from cover.

6 It Has A 5 Meter Range

Similarly to how the exact rate of Reinhardt's attack is not very well know, many players are also unaware of the fact that his hammer has a precise range of 5 meters. Keeping this in mind is important as using your reach to hit aggressive opponents while staying in cover can be the difference between living and dying.

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Additionally, when you are attempting to engage very mobile heroes like Tracer or Genji, you need to know the range of Reinhardt's hammer to decide if you will be able to chase down a kill or need to back off.

5 It Was Made In Germany

While most players already know that Reinhardt is from Germany, those who are not interested in keeping up with the lore of the game's universe might not know that his armor and weapon are also from his home country. This is revealed in the "Honor and Glory" animated short when it is shown that he was already using his iconic gear while in the Germany military before joining Overwatch.

The video also shows that there were quite a few other soldiers using armor and weapons very similar to Reinhardt's, including his mentor Balderich von Adler who was originally asked to join Overwatch before his death.

4 It Does 75 Damage Per Hit

As with his rate of attack and hammer range, quite a few players are unaware that Reinhardt's basic attacks do 75 damage per hit. This means that when fighting a majority of characters, it will take three swings to kill them.

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Obviously, this is based on the fact that most characters in the game have a total health pool of 200 with the exception of the tanks as well as certain damage heroes and healers. Remembering this can be vital as you can quickly move on to the next target without wasting any time if you know when enemies will die to your attacks.

3 The Sound Effects Will Change For Certain Reinhardt Skins

The Overwatch team has always done a great job making sure that most characters have a skin or two that provide some fun alterations outside of the visual changes, and Reinhardt is no exception. When it comes to his weapon specifically, the Blackhardt, Bloodhardt, and Wujing skins turn the hammer into axes that make slicing sounds when hitting enemies rather than the standard whacking noises.

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While this luckily does not alter the basic gameplay of the character in any way, it is a fun change for anyone tired of the regular hammer sound effect.

2 Turning As The Hammer Swings Will Increase Its Horizontal Range

Another great tactic that most professional Reinhardt players will use is the ability to increase the horizontal range of swings by turning. To do this, you will need to move your camera quickly with the attack, so if the hammer is moving from right to left you will need to push your perspective to the left.

This allows you to cover more space in front of Reinhardt as the hammer will move further to catch up with the new camera position. It is not a massive increase in range and it does not improve the overall swing speed, but it is still a handy tool when multiple enemies are in front of you.

1 The Hammer's Knockback Effect Is Great For Setting Up Eliminations

While most players know that Reinhardt's hammer has a knockback effect, most don't use the ability to its maximum potential. In particular, it is an excellent tool to use against teams you have just Earthshattered as one swing can push them into a line for a Fire Strike and Charge combo follow up.

Additionally, in specific situations, the knockback can secure environmental kills, or you can stand to the side of an enemy to allow your swing to push them into your team for an easy kill.

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