Pandemic Express: Zombie Escape is a multiplayer first person shooter and escape game. Based on popular zombie escape mods, the standalone title pits up to 30 players against each other in a battle for survival. Humans must flee an increasing zombie horde and escape on the train, before they all become infected.

The Basics

Pandemic Express Zombie Escape is an online multiplayer game for 15 – 30 players. At the start of each match all players spawn in one of several locked train stations on the map. Once the countdown finishes the lights go out and 1 player becomes infected. Once that zombie has turned two humans into zombies the gates will open, allowing the remaining humans to flee.

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If you’re a zombie then your mission is simple, convert all the humans. As a human, you need to arm yourself and reach the train. Standing on the train causes it to move, although for each human who succumbs to a zombie the train will stop for 8 seconds. If the train makes one full lap of the track, back to the starting station, the humans win. If all the humans are converted before the train crosses the orange checkpoint the zombies win.

Running, Sliding, And Jumping

The game uses standard WASD controls with shift for sprint, space to jump and control to crouch. The main things you need to master are the slide, double jump, and gun jumping mechanics.

Sliding gives you a huge momentum boost but only until you hit the ground. You can extend this briefly by jumping, just before you stop sliding. This will allow you to conserve momentum for longer and cover incredible distances very quickly. You can also jump as soon as you start sliding to make your first jump much higher.

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Double jumping is when you jump again before you land, to enable you to cover much greater distances. You can also double jump while running, which gives you a tiny movement speed increase.

Finally gun jumping, which is only usable by humans, is when you fire at the ground or a wall in order to jump using the weapons knockback. Use this in conjunction with other jumps and slides to cover huge expanses of the map incredibly quickly.

Mastering movement will give you a huge advantage. The warmup mode is useful for this as you can go in and practice pulling off crazy tricks to get into obscure places.

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When And Where To Go

In the early game, anyone who isn’t infected needs to run, and fast. Get far away from spawn quickly and then look for loot. Stashes of weapons are often found in train cars and houses. A shotgun and/or revolver will serve you well.

At this point you can choose to head to the airdrop, which will offer better weapons. Be aware though that all those zombies often have the same idea, so plan carefully. Once armed you can head towards the train.

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Once by the train you don’t need to constantly stay on it. Take the opportunity to look around for armor, which can often be vital to long term survival.

When you are armored up, head back to the train to defend it. Keep your distance when possible, especially from bombers, and just drop onto the train occasionally, in order to keep it moving. Then simply keep dispatching those zombies until the victory is assured.

Tips For Humans


There are six different weapons and six different tiers and humans can carry two weapons at once. A higher tier weapon will hold more ammo, meaning less time spent reloading. The tiers are color coded. Tier one is white, two is green, three is blue, four is purple, five is gold and six is orange. The rocket launcher is the only orange tier weapon so use it wisely. It has seven rockets which will explode for huge damage on impact but cannot be replenished, making it useless once they are spent.

Keep An Eye On The Circle

As the train moves the circle will get smaller, eventually encompassing just the train itself. While it does damage humans outside its range, the harm is quite minimal. The aspect of the circle you need to look out for is the health bank shut off.

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Health banks are spread around the map and allow you to recharge your hearts. You can only use banks which are within the circle.

Grab Some Shields

The black jars are shields. You can have up to three of these and they add armored hearts, one per jar. Armor is vital for survival. Any armor stops you being grabbed and thrown by zombies. It will also stop bombers from one-shotting you.

Remember The Train

While staying constantly on the train is a bad idea, you will need to be close by, especially towards the end of the game.

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Humans have to keep touching the train to keep it moving. Jumping around and gaining high ground can help defend those on the train and increase the distance between you and the bomber zombies. If the train is empty, jump down to start it moving again.

Tips For Zombies

Use Your Abilities

A standard zombie will be able to attack and grab. An attack will cause one heart of damage on a human. Grab will allow you to throw a human across the map. Many zombies have been throwing humans into water, which leaves them slow and defenseless.

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You can also grab explosive barrels and throw them at humans, sending them flying off their high ground.


When you respawn you have a chance to become a special zombie, either a bomber or a phantom. Bombers are really dangerous. They explode to deal three hearts of damage, an instant kill on a human with no armor.

Flanking groups of humans before running in with your timer ticking can do some serious damage.

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Phantoms can turn invisible, giving them a slight advantage and allowing them to sneak up on humans. A Phantoms ability is best used while humans are distracted by others, allowing them to launch a sneak attack.

Survival Is Most Important

At the time of writing the game still heavily favors zombies but some humans are starting to win, now that they've had more time to master the mechanics of the game. Don't forget that you can learn the movement mechanics, locations of health banks, and other useful information by exploring the map in warmup mode. Don't be afraid to take risks and see what pays off. Good luck escaping the infected.

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