If there's one thing Nintendo is good at, and they're certainly good at a lot, its hiding tons of fun Easter Eggs for fans to discover in their games. Sure, we've seen most of the stars of Nintendo's games side by side in their Smash Brothers series, but there's still something special about seeing a little detail or reference to another game that isn't quite as obvious. In his latest outing, Paper Mario: The Origami King, Mario can come across a slew of Easter Eggs and secrets – sure to make the most dedicated Nintendo fans smile. If you want to find them all, this guide will show you how.

Paper Mario Easter Eggs

Let's start off with the Easter Eggs that call back to the older entries in the Paper Mario series.

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First is a nice set of framed pictures of Princess Peach as she appeared in older Paper Mario games, which you can spot on a wall in the Wheelhouse. These include her designs from Paper Mario, The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, and Sticker Star.

The other notable Easter Egg references Sticker Star and is pretty hard to miss if you've played that title. After you've completed Bonehead Island, a giant fan rises from the ocean to blow the fog away so you can sail freely across the Great Sea. Fans (pun intended) of Sticker Star will recognize this as the Fan Sticker from that title.

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Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs

Even a Mario RPG like Origami King needs to have a flagpole somewhere to reference the original title, and this one is right near the beginning on Picnic Road. Make sure to hit the ground with your hammer by the flag pole to make the steps pop up so you can properly jump to the top and slide down the pole, complete with the iconic musical cues.

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A more subtle nod to the 8-bit era of Mario's past is in Overlook Tower. The outside area is circled by the retro style bricks and bushes right out of the NES game, and on the fourth floor you can even spot a full 8-bit design of Mario sketched on the floor.

Often seen as the black sheep of the Mario franchise, even Super Mario Bros. 2, aka Doki Doki Panic, gets a little reference when Mario first meets Bobby on the way to Autumn Mountain. Bobby will say "Thinky Thinky Panic?" to reference the game that would become Super Mario Bros. 2 in the West. Another even more subtle reference to Super Mario Bros. 2 is delivered by Birdo at the Big Sho' Theater. Once you rescue her, she will exclaim that she has "Mario madness." This is the often forgotten subtitle given to Super Mario Bros. 2 in the U.S.

Our final Mario Easter Egg can be found in Shangri-Spa after rescuing a Snifit dressed in blue. He will sell Mario the Retro Soundbox accessory that is identical to the Famicom controller, and when equipped will change Mario's sound effects to the ones used in the original Super Mario Bros.

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Metroid/Donkey Kong Easter Egg

These two Easter Eggs are both inside the staff room of Shogun Studios. Inside you can pick up two giant paper mache masks called the "Jungle King Mask" and "Space Warrior Mask" – which are not so subtle nods to Donkey Kong and Metroid.

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The Legend Of Zelda Easter Eggs

The first Easter Egg is more of a reference to the Legend of Zelda franchise as a whole rather than a specific game or character. During your quest you will reach Diamond Island, where you will be faced with three challenges. These are the Trial of Power, Trial of Wisdom, and Trial of Courage, which are direct references to the three parts of the Triforce in the Zelda franchise.

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The last Zelda reference could be seen as more of an inspiration than actual Easter Egg, but is still fun to point out. Once you reach the Great Sea you will also get a Sea Chart that is very similar to the Sea Chart that Link uses to travel across the oceans of Wind Waker. They both utilize a grid and coordinate system and fill with islands as you uncover them in the same way.


There are two secrets you can find in Paper Mario: The Origami King that may not be references to other games or franchises, but are Easter Eggs you'll want to find just the same.

First is a creepy one related to Bobby. After Bobby sacrifices himself in Sweetpaper Valley, you can actually catch a glimpse of his ghost. By heading back to Shogun Studios and taking photos, you can spot Bobby's ghost beside you after developing them.

This next secret is a wink from the development team about the plots of their Mario titles. If you head back to the Graffiti Underground area after you've progressed through the game a bit, you'll find the graffiti has been rearranged to tell a story. In it Bowser is up to his usual scheme of kidnapping Princess Peach, but rather than follow a traditional Mario narrative, Peach ends up rescuing herself without aid from Mario, Luigi, or Toad.

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