There’s a new bug (or possibly a feature) with Pathfinder and Octane’s Launch Pad that makes this robot practically fly.

Season 5's first update is here, and with it comes a whole bunch of changes in Apex Legends. The most recent update has provided characters with a slew of tweaks, with Lifeline receiving almost a complete rework, but Octane also getting some much-needed buffs.

First, Octane’s Stim got a 10% speed increase and now also removes any movement debuffs that might be afflicting him. Second, Octane’s Launch Pad ultimate ability now gives anyone who uses it a double jump. That’s right: not only do characters still get launched to an extreme distance, but they also get to do a little hop at the end of it too. And it lets them change directions in case they miss their landing.

Pathfinder just got a few bug fixes in the latest patch, but it seems like his Grapple ability might have gotten a stealth buff thanks to Octane’s new Launch Pad.

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Courtesy of Reddit User bombskillz18, we see that Pathfinder can now use Octane’s Launch Pad, then grapple mid-air, and then still use Launch Pad’s new double jump feature after the grapple has ended so long as they don’t touch the ground. This provides Pathfinder with unmatched mobility in Apex Legends, and as some players note in the comments, something that hasn’t been seen in a Respawn game since Titanfall 2.

Although the post is labeled a bug, it’s questionable whether or not this interaction was intended. User bombskillz18 believes it’s a bug because “the prompt for double jump isn't there after you have grappled while it is present throughout the whole jump pad jump,” thus making it seem likely that Respawn forgot about Pathfinder’s grapple ability when they were tweaking the Launch Pad.


On the other hand, no Respawn folks have shown up to confirm that this is a bug, so maybe they’ll keep it as a secret feature? It’s certainly not as game-breaking as the Wraith skin that removed her head hitbox, which was patched out about seven hours after the update went live.

Source: Reddit

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