There's a lot going on in the Pathfinder universe these days, partly because the most recent installment on the video game side is getting such rave reviews. Wrath of the Righteous has a lot going for it when it comes to gameplay, character progression, class selection, and of course the most important part of the immersive RPG experience, the storyline.

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There are all kinds of different choices your character can make throughout the course of the game as you go about adventuring. Some of those exploits are a part of the main storyline, but the game encourages players to go off the beaten path and customize their own gaming experience. Here are some of the most interesting side quests that your party can do when they aren't busy killing marauding demons or clearing the roads of pesky cultists.

8 Out On Parole

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This is the first companion quest that most players find after escaping the Maze and returning to Defender's Heart. Woljif has to be in your party to begin and complete the quest, and he can mark the Thiefling hideout on your map.

In the course of your adventures, you'll not only solve the mystery of who betrayed the hit on the Ancientries and Wonders Shop but also what happened to a certain trinket called the Moon of the Abyss. Check carefully in the ruins of the store to find Finean, the magical weapon that can take any form you choose.


7 While The World Is Ablaze


Whether or not you like Dearan, and the harsh truth is that most of us don't, he's still got an interesting and mysterious backstory that you can follow throughout the game. Your first encounter with him is the "Not The Best Time For a Feat" quest, which reveals some of this history, and continues in Chapter 2 of the storyline.

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Nobody is sure about what happened that day, except that a bunch of rude demons crashed a birthday party and left only one survivor at the ominously named Heaven's Edge estate. This quest solves that mystery and is essential if you're hoping to pursue a romantic relationship with the handsome Aasimar noble.

6 Notes For The Storyteller

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What's so great about this quest is that you can complete it without even trying, provided you pick up certain items and talk to an NPC known as the Storyteller once in a while. This person will also identify the remains of Telendrev if you can find them. You first come across him in the Blackwing Library, and despite the fact that he's an elf and supposedly immortal, he's extremely decrepit with old age.

There's not much he can tell you about himself at first, having lived so long and forgotten most of his own history. If you being the bits of ancient Elvish writing that you find in your travels back to him, his memory starts to come back, and it's connected to the demons you're fighting in the present day.

5 Back To The Roots

Wenduag (Mongrel Ranger)

For those players that appreciate closure, this is the quest that allows you to resolve the lingering question of whatever happened to Wenduag. In case you forgot, Wenduag was one of the mongrels from the first part of the game, and she eventually betrayed you in the Maze before making a break for it.

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This is a companion quest and Lann is the party member you need to complete it. It's his idea to go back into the caves after retaking Drezen and confront Wenduag in her secret lair, not only ending her evil plan but freeing the mongrels. If you let her live at the end of the encounter, you can recruit her in later chapters.

4 Crescent Moon Of The Abyss

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This is the culmination of the storyline that started when you rescued Woljif from prison. Remember that trinket he stole? He claimed it belonged to his demonic ancestor, which gave him the right to keep it. It turns out that he's partly right in the sense this bit of jewelry had some demonic connections. You'll encounter this quest closer to the end of the story, near the end of Chapter 4, after the encounter in the "Strike From Heaven" quest.

3 Parting


This is another companion-related quest, but this time it's the soft-spoken Paladin Sosiel that requests the party take a small detour. It starts out as a peaceful memorial service, but things go south rather quickly and before you know it, a veritable army of the undead has risen from the fresh graves and terrorizes not only the mourners but anyone nearby.

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It seems cliche, and that is part of the fun, but the conclusion of this fight has a surprising twist that shows the angry, even vengeful side of this peaceful character. This is an important look into Sosiel's past, and it's a good idea to complete it if you want to keep him in your party or pursue a romantic relationship with him provided your character is male.

2 In The Shadow Of The Maddened Forest


Somehow, the village of Wintersun escaped the demon invasion, but all is not well in the misty woods. Fight your way through the forest and find a dwarf named Soana, who has an interesting but suspicious request to make.

This is an interesting quest in which you get to decide who lives and who dies, and also includes a choice between Chaos and Obedience, if your character is on one of those paths. This quest would be of particular interest to Druids, Rangers, or any class with an affinity to nature or an animal companion but anyone can do it.

1 Friends Are Known In Trouble, And Only

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seelah Battle Scion Build

This starts the "League of the Inspirational Cart" quest chain. When you find Jannah and her companions and help them escape, it leads to future quests, until the fun and games of this carefree group take a sinister turn. In case you thought everyone here was just too nice or too pure, you were right.

Spoiler alert for the drama that comes out later in this quest chain, but it turns out Tarn's story about the ring wasn't exactly true and Curl is a thief after all. This is a companion quest, and you have to have Seela in your party to be able to complete it.

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