A lot of thought has to go into building a character in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. There are so many aspects to think about, and it can get quite overwhelming quite quickly, especially for newcomers to CRPGs.

When it comes to Wenduag, though, your options are more limited than with other companions. You'll meet her very early on in the game and she'll join up with Lann. If you played the tabletop version of Wrath of the Righteous, you'll recognize Wenduag as a very minor villain from the first part of the adventure - in the video game she's a fully-fledged companion with more personality.

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Wenduag's Basic Stats

Wenduag begins the game as a basic Fighter, which is quite nice - this means a lot of health and an extra feat, which can make her quite a star in the first hours of the game.

Level Build
1 Fighter 1: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Wenduag is very obviously intended to be a ranged character and even starts out with a Longbow. She has 20 Dexterity and only a decent 16 Strength, which is a great spread for a physical fighter.


Players who like to branch out into spellcasting will be disappointed though. She has abysmal spellcasting stats including a really atrocious 5 Charisma. Thus, the builds presented in this article are geared towards physical damage - something she really does excel at.

Rowdy Fighter Build For Wenduag

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Rowdy Fighter Wenduag Build

Many players online agree that Wenduag seems made for the Throwing Axe category of weapons. These are ranged weapons that use Dexterity for attack rolls and Strength for damage rolls, just like Composite Bows.

Fighters can use Throwing Axes. Throwing Axes can be dual-wielded. Wenduag has 19 levels of potential. This build will have Wenduag throwing the deadliest of axes around like nobody's business.

This is a very feat-heavy build, so we take plenty of Fighter levels to accommodate everything we need. Once our basic build is set up, Wenduag transitions to a Rowdy (a Rogue archetype) to rack up the Sneak Attacks and Rogue Talents.

Level Build
2 Rowdy 1
3 Fighter 2: Weapon Focus (Throwing Axe), Deadly Aim
4 Fighter 3: STR +1
5 Fighter 4: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Specialization (Throwing Axe)
6 Fighter 5: Weapon Training (Throwing Axe)
7 Fighter 6: Advanced Weapon Training: Trained Throw, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
8 Fighter 7: STR +1, Advanced Armor Training: Armored Juggernaut
9 Fighter 8: Greater Weapon Focus (Throwing Axe), Point-Blank Master (Throwing Axe)
10 Fighter 9: Advanced Weapon Training: Armed Bravery, Weapon Training (Throwing Axe)
11 Rowdy 2: Hammer the Gap, Combat Trick: Rapid Shot
12 Rowdy 3: +1 STR
13 Rowdy 4: Improved Critical (Throwing Axe), Weakening Wound
14 Rowdy 5
15 Rowdy 6: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Slow Reactions
16 Rowdy 7: +1 STR
17 Rowdy 8: Snap Shot, Slippery Mind
18 Rowdy 9
19 Rowdy 10: Improved Snap Shot, Dispelling Attack
20 Rowdy 11: STR +1
  • We take the single level of Rowdy at the beginning of the build just to have early access to Sneak Attack, which really has an impact on Wenduag's damage output in the early hours of the game.
  • Wenduag's Dexterity is perfectly serviceable as it is, so we pump up her Strength to boost her Throwing Axe damage.
  • By the end of the build, Wenduag will be throwing tons of axes with each attack and will have enough Sneak Attack damage to really put the pain on your enemies.
    • That said, Rowdy is an archetype focused on Vital Strike and Wenduag will pick up Vital Strike feats by default, giving her a handy alternative in combat.
  • Slippery Mind is a great defensive Rogue Talent to pick up, but you can swap it out for an alternative if you have a strong preference for something different.
Mythic Abilities Mythic Feats
Cleaving Shot Two-Weapon Fighting (Mythic)
Ranging Shots Rapid Shot (Mythic)
Distracting Shots Weapon Specialization (Mythic) (Throwing Axe)
Armored Might Deadly Aim (Mythic)
The Bigger They Are Weapon Focus (Throwing Axe)
  • Once you have Rapid Shot (Mythic) you should never turn the ability off, it's just a huge boost with no downside.
  • If you find yourself using Vital Strike a lot, it may be worth swapping out a Mythic Feat for Vital Strike (Mythic).

Spawn Slayer Build For Wenduag

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Spawn Slayer Wenduag Build

If pure damage isn't your deal, Wenduag can be an effective Slayer. This build uses the Spawn Slayer archetype for a few reasons. Firstly, it doesn't give anything up except the ability to use Studied Target as a swift action. Secondly, it gains nice bonuses when fighting against large enemies - there are quite a lot of these in Wrath of the Righteous, some of the most powerful and dangerous demons are very big.

It's another dual-wielding Throwing Axes build with Sneak Attack, but it has some tricks that the Rowdy build doesn't.

Level Build
2 Spawn Slayer 1
3 Spawn Slayer 2: Weapon Focus (Throwing Axe), Combat Trick: Two-Weapon Fighting
4 Spawn Slayer 3: STR +1
5 Spawn Slayer 4: Deadly Aim, Slippery Mind
6 Spawn Slayer 5
7 Spawn Slayer 6: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot
8 Spawn Slayer 7: STR +1
9 Spawn Slayer 8: Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Hammer the Gap
10 Spawn Slayer 9
11 Spawn Slayer 10: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Weakening Wound
12 Spawn Slayer 11: STR +1
13 Spawn Slayer 12: Improved Critical (Throwing Axe)
14 Spawn Slayer 13
15 Spawn Slayer 14: Snap Shot, Blinding Critical
16 Spawn Slayer 15: STR +1
17 Spawn Slayer 16: Critical Focus, Wearying Strike
18 Spawn Slayer 17
19 Spawn Slayer 18: Improved Snap Shot, Crippling Strike
20 Spawn Slayer 19: STR +1
  • This build has two focuses. The first is to make Sneak Attacks as deadly as they can be, and the second is to fish for critical hits to use with Blinding Critical. Wenduag wants to be making as many attacks as possible to make this happen.
  • Wenduag is especially effective in battles against large enemies thanks to the unique perks of the Spawn Slayer, so be sure to take her to beat up the bosses of the game.
  • It is a shame that Wenduag can't hit Level 20 in Spawn Slayer and acquire the class's capstone abilities, but she's perfectly serviceable as is.
Mythic Abilities Mythic Feats
Cleaving Shot Rapid Shot (Mythic)
Ranging Shots Two-Weapon Fighting (Mythic)
Distracting Shots Improved Critical (Mythic) (Throwing Axe)
Expose Vulnerability Point-Blank Shot (Mythic)
The Bigger They Are Weapon Focus (Mythic) (Throwing Axe)
  • Another very standard set of Mythic Abilities for Wenduag. There is not much room for imagination when it comes to these simple physical damage builds - it's a case of simply pumping up attack rolls and damage rolls.
  • You may want to slot in Mythic Sneak Attacker somewhere for that flat extra die of damage, but it's difficult to know what to sacrifice.

Draconic Melee Barbarian Build For Wenduag

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Draconic Barbarian Wenduag Build

The only thing that Wenduag lacks to make her an absolutely brutal physical powerhouse is a large Strength stat. Luckily, there's a way to alleviate that - the Dragon Disciple class. This is a prestige class that, with only four levels of investment, will add a massive +4 Strength to the character along with an elemental resistance and the ability to breathe some Dragon Breath.

This build pairs the Dragon Disciple with Barbarian to really rack up the damage with Rage (it's also quite fitting for Wenduag, who really desires such power to a great extent). It's somewhat frailer than the other builds in this article and it's a melee build to boot, so we give Wenduag a reach weapon to try and compensate.

Level Build
2 Barbarian 1
3 Barbarian 2: Weapon Focus (Bardiche), Lesser Beast Totem
4 Barbarian 3: STR +1
5 Archaeologist 1: Power Attack
6 Dragon Disciple 1: Red Dragon Bloodline
7 Dragon Disciple 2: Cleave, Bard Spellbook, Toughness
8 Dragon Disciple 3: STR +1
9 Dragon Disciple 4: Cleaving Finish
10 Barbarian 4: Powerful Stance
11 Barbarian 5: Improved Critical (Bardiche)
12 Barbarian 6: STR +1, Beast Totem
13 Barbarian 7: Dodge
14 Barbarian 8: Crippling Blows
15 Barbarian 9: Improved Unarmed Strike
16 Barbarian 10: STR +1, Greater Beast Totem
17 Barbarian 11: Crane Style
18 Barbarian 12: Wrecking Blows
19 Barbarian 13: Great Cleave
20 Barbarian 14: STR +1, Increased Damage Reduction
  • Dragon Disciple requires 5 ranks of Knowledge (Arcana) so make sure you reach that before Level Six. In addition, you need to be able to spontaneously cast arcane spells, and that's what Archaeologist is for.
    • Archaeologist gives Wenduag the Archaeologist's Luck feature which can be situationally luck.
    • Throughout this build you'll have to pick some spells - these don't matter at all thanks to Wenduag's frankly horrible Charisma stat.
    • It doesn't really matter which Draconic Bloodline you pick, but since fire is quite common in Wrath of the Righteous this build features the Red Dragon Bloodline.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike is there only to unlock the Crane Style feats which will help assuage Wenduag's thirst for defensive abilities.
  • You may want to choose Glaives instead of Bardiches. It depends on whether you want a better critical range (Bardiche) or a better critical multiplier (Glaive). They are both great options for a reach weapon, though.
  • Of all the Totems, Beast Totem is the best thanks to the added attacks it grants Wenduag. They can synergize extremely well with the Brutality Incarnate Mythic Ability. The other Totems are certainly options, though, if you have a strong preference.
  • Making Wenduag a melee fighter does mean that her initial two feats are worthless, but she doesn't fall behind far enough to make her less useful in the long run. This build is perfectly serviceable and really does benefit from the extra Strength granted by Dragon Disciple.
Mythic Abilities Mythic Feats
Limitless Rage Power Attack (Mythic)
Leading Strike Weapon Focus (Mythic) (Bardiche)
Unrelenting Assault Critical Focus (Mythic)
Brutality Incarnate Improved Critical (Mythic) (Bardiche)
Thundering Blows Flawless Attacks
  • Limitless Rage is a must-have for any Barbarian in Wrath of the Righteous. Wenduag should be raging for eternity once this is picked up.
  • The critical feats will make Wenduag's lucky strikes really painful.
  • Brutality Incarnate is taken to synergize with Beast Totem's added natural attacks, but if you take a different set of Totem feats you'll need to pick an alternative. Ever Ready would be a decent pick in that case.

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