Persona 5 can be overwhelming with the number of activities you can do in the game. You have stats that you can increase with daily activities, friends to make, money to earn, and hearts to change. On top of that, you can collect decorations for your attic room!

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Most decorations are obtained through hanging out with companions on particular outings at certain seasons. Others can be won at an arcade. They range in terms of difficulty to get, but they don't exactly do anything other than serve as collectibles.

So we picked the best purely out of how they look. Here are the decorations that we consider the best, as well as how to get them.

Updated on August 11, 2021 by Allison Stalberg: Since Persona 5 Royal has dropped, the game got a reawakening. The new version has three big new characters, a third semester, more Akechi content, new places, and of course... new decorations.

There are actually not many new decorations in comparison to the rest of the new content in Royal. However, picking up the Royal version means room decorating. Most are obtained by hanging out with specific confidants in specific areas during free time. It can be a fun random reward, but if you want the best decorations, then it is worth looking them up.

14 Star Stickers

Joker in planetarium with Yusuke.

The Star Stickers are among the most unique decorations in Persona 5. That is because it is the only decoration that goes on the ceiling! They are pretty too, giving the room a look that specifically is a callback to the planetarium.

That's right — the decoration requires a visit to the planetarium with Yusuke. Luckily, there are no prerequisites or requirements other than those two factors to get the Star Stickers.


13 Swan Boat

persona 5 swan boat

The swan boat is a very cute decoration that can be placed on your shelf. It's just a mini swan boat like the ones you can ride in the lake at Inokashira Park.

How you get it would be difficult to guess, as it's by hanging out with Iwai. That's right — your weapons dealer gets you the swan boat! So, rank up your Hanged Man confidant. Players have noted that they have received the swan boat in the park after hitting rank eight with him.

12 Featherman Doll

Ryuji hanging out with Joker.

The Featherman Doll is an item exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, making it a must-have item for Royal players. It is obtained by hanging out with Ryuji in Nakano. The only detail to look out for is that the event is not available on rainy days.

The doll is a decoration that goes on the large shelf. Players tend to want that shelf filled up quickly, so this is a great item to go for early in the game.

11 Idol Poster

persona 5 idol poster

This idol poster is so pretty, who wouldn't want it in their room? Unlike a lot of the wacky decorations you can get in this game, this one actually seems like a normal decoration for a teenager's bedroom. Also, the idol is an easter egg. This poster is of Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4. So, besides being pretty and natural, older fans might get some nostalgic feelings out of this decoration. It is actually just one of many easter eggs that deal with her character. You can also see her interviewed sometimes if you investigate Sojiro's television.

As for how to get this poster, you need Ann, the Lovers confidant. She gives it to you as a present if you hang out in Harajuku together.

10 Kumade

person 5 kumade

To know what this is, you need to know a little about Japanese culture. It's an item for good fortune on New Year's. They are purely decorative, though they resemble rakes for cleaning to wipe the slate clean for a New Year. This particular one is decorated with Teddie from Persona 4.

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You can only get this decoration on a specific date in the game with Haru, the Empress confidant. It must be on the 6th of November. The only way to do this is to accept an invitation from Haru, as the place you go with her is not a normal hangout spot.


Futaba talking to Joker.

On its own, the I LOVE TOKYO shirt does not seem like much. What makes it special, though, is that it hangs out on Joker's desk in a unique way. It is the only desk decoration gained from hanging out with a confidant, and that confidant is Futaba.

The shirt is awarded for hanging out with Futaba during free time in Asakusa — Nakamise Road. It is a pretty easy item to get. However, be aware that this event is unavailable on rainy days.

8 Sky Tower Lamp

persona 5 sky tower lamp

Part of what makes Persona 5 so cool is that you get to go to places that actually exist in Tokyo, such as Harujuku and Sky Tower, which is based on Tokyo's Skytree.

What makes the Sky Tower Lamp one of the best decorations is that it changes color a lot like a lava lamp does. The way you get it is with the Fortune confidant, Chihaya Mifune. You have to be dating her, and you receive this gift on your second date with her.

7 Sea Slug Doll

Kasumi and Joker in the aquarium.

The Sea Slug Doll is a Persona 5 Royal exclusive decoration, as it can only be obtained by hanging out with Kasumi, a character that is exclusive to the Royal version. Joker has to take her to the Shinagawa Aquarium.

However, be quick about this. The window to get the Sea Slug Doll is before December 22 in the game calendar. Since it is an exclusive item to Royal, it is a must-have for Joker's room!

6 Hero Figure

persona 5 hero figure

Having an action figure in your room is another one of those natural and fun decorations you can get. It goes on your shelf and you get it through the Hermit confidant, Futaba.

You can get the hero figure by going to Akihabara with her. It is easier than some other decorations on this list as it's not limited to her romance or a specific date.

5 Balloons

persona 5 balloons

Aren't these balloons adorable? Unfortunately, they are known to be the most difficult decoration to get in the game. If you are trying to get these, research it as much as you can. Many a player has tried and failed to get this particular item.

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You get them through the Tower confidant, Shinya Oda, by going to Destiny Land with him. However, the catch is that you have to be rank nine with him. You also have to spend time with him in Asakusa before November 3rd. You can only receive these balloons on the 30th of October or November 3rd.

4 Jack Frost Doll

persona 5 jack frost doll

Now we are on to the arcade dolls rather than the items you get from hang-outs. They are located in Central Street at Shibuya. You will see the Jack Frost doll in a claw machine, which you can attempt once every day.

No player has figured out what causes some to fail and others to win the doll. It's apparently pure luck, so it's possible your Luck stat affects this, but there is no evidence to prove that.

3 Wanna-Wanna-Kun Doll

persona 5 wanna-wanna-kun doll

Wanna-Wanna-Kun is the third doll that appears in the arcade. That means you'll need to have already won Jack Frost and Big Bang Burger-kun. We've skipped Big Bang Burger-kun, because its eyes are not the eyes you want watching you while you sleep. Though, to be fair, this Wanna-Wanna-kun doll is not much of a step up.

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It should be mentioned that this doll, and all the others from the arcade, all go on top of Joker's desk.

2 Lexy Doll

persona 5 lexy doll

Lexy has existed since Persona 3, so this is somewhat of an easter egg. It appears in the claw machine after you have won the Jack Frost, Big Bang Burger-kun, and Wanna-Wanna-kun dolls. It's also important to note that the dolls only change if you have won the last one and a certain date passes. Lexy should appear on the 15th of October if you have obtained all of the other dolls.

1 Stray Sheep Man Doll

persona 5 stray sheep man doll

This doll is the most difficult of the arcade dolls because you have to have won every other doll in order for this one to appear. That means you need to have won Jack Frost, the Big Bang Burger-kun doll, the Lexy doll, and the Wanna-Wanna-kun doll. Only after winning those four can you get the Stray Sheep Man doll.

For those that don't know, the Stray Sheep Man is an easter egg from the video game Catherine.

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