Persona 5 Royal is a modern masterpiece. The latest rendition of Persona 5 builds upon a phenomenal foundation. Fans of this critical and commercial success praise it for an excellent story, which is successful because of well written and detailed characters. Some of the best characters in modern video games belong to the Persona franchise.

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Because the game has such a fantastic roster, fans will be happy to know that they can pair Joker with one of ten ladies in the game as a romantic partner. This includes the Shogi protege Hifumi Togo. There are several requirements players will want to take note of if romancing her is the aim.

Reach Level 3 Charm

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Several Confidants in Persona 5 Royal require Joker's social status to be improved. Hifumi Togo tasks Joker with hitting level three Charm. Take several months to focus on this stat, as Hifumi won't be available until late June. The following tasks are excellent ways to boost Joker's Charm:

  • Trips to the Bathhouse (bonus social points are given on Sunday)
  • Books, games, DVDs, and movies focusing on this stat
  • Doing well on exams
  • Meeting with Ohya at the Crossroads Bar

Complete The Bank Of Gluttony

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Apart from raising charm, there is another prerequisite to meeting Hifumi. This requires Joker and the other Phantom Thieves to complete the first three palaces in the game, which are listed below:

  • Castle of Lust (Kamoshida)
  • Museum of Vanity (Madarame)
  • Bank of Gluttony (Kaneshiro)

Finish palaces as soon as possible so that Joker can resume his mission to increase charm with his free time.

Visit Kanda Church After 6/25

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Those who have met the previous requirements will have the option to visit Hifumi Togo starting on 6/26. After this point, a new waypoint will open up called Kanda Church. Head there to meet Hifumi and start a bond with her. Remember that traveling here does require some money, as it isn't covered in Joker's travel pass like Shujin and the Leblanc are. Joker gains the ability to switch party members mid-battle at rank one, giving him immediate combat advantage as a reward.


Keep Evenings Open

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Unlike the members of the Phantom Thieves, Hifumi is only available in the evening. Keep this in mind, as Joker can't head outside after a day in Mementos unless he's maxed out Kawakami's Temperance Arcana. She's also available on specific days, so make sure to keep the following evenings open.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Rainy Days

Hifumi is available in the day and night during rainy days, but this is the only way Joker can see her before twilight. Make sure to bring a Star Arcana persona to boost social point gains in this link.

Be Upfront In Conversation

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

When Joker spends time with Hifumi, they'll be playing Shogi to help them hone their strategies. When they play Shogi, Hifumi is very serious. Because of this, Joker will want to give direct answers when they're playing. Afterward, he can loosen up but don't coddle her to win her favor. Give an honest opinion when she asks questions. Those looking for a more in-depth guide to conversations with the Star Arcana can check out TheGamer's Star Confidant Guide.

 Grab Gifts For Hifumi

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Despite some players' best efforts, some social points can be missed in a conversation during a Confidant's bonding sessions. Failing to get enough of these points can lead to the need to spend more time before the next rank is unlocked. This means that several days could be wasted on a single rank. A great way to avoid this scenario is by giving gifts that appeal to Hifumi. Grab her any of the following items to gain some easy social points:

  • +2 Social Points: Fountain Pen, Glass Vase, Uji Matcha Flan, Custard Cake, Designer Perfume, Black Painted Mug, 48 Face Cube, Dragon Sword Keychain, Watercolor Postcard
  • +3 Social Points: Book Cover, Rakugo Collection, Rose Bouquet, Sakura Fan

Reach Rank 7 With Hifumi

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

After taking all the previous information into account, players now need to progress to rank 7 in the Arcana link. Take trips several times a week while doing your best to get the most points out of social links. If you've become close enough with Hifumi by the time the school trip rolls around, invite her out with you to receive a few bonus social points and a unique item.

Reach Max Knowledge

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

After hitting rank 7, another social hurdle awaits the leader of the Phantom Thieves. To progress farther, Joker will need to hit level 5 in Knowledge. Only an erudite leader will be prepared for the next phase of Hifumi's Arcana, so take part in the following activities to bolster Joker's intelligence:

  • Answer test answers correctly in class (use the in-game assist if unsure of an answer)
  • Study in Leblanc alone or with friends before exams
  • Play Shogi with Hifumi

Complete Upstaging The Stage Mother

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

After Joker's knowledge is maxed, he'll once again be able to spend time with Hifumi. When he comes to visit this time, he'll find his Shogi partner berated by her mother. Step in to intervene. Doing so will grant Joker a Mementos. This request tasks the Phantom Thieves with changing Ms. Togo's heart. The target can be found in the Path of Akzeriyyuth: Area 6. This request has a B rank difficulty with several substantial resistances:

  • Nullifies: Curse
  • Resistances: Psy, Ice, Wind, Electric, Fire, Nuke
  • Weakness: Bless

Ensure Joker with a Persona that knows bless moves to get an edge on this shadow.

 Choose "I Want to Stay By Your Side" For Response 3 In Rank 9

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

Once the shadow is defeated, return to Hifumi and talk to her about her mother's changing behavior. Afterward, he'll accompany her to a Shogi tournament match. Once it's over, Hifumi asks Joker what he wants out of their relationship. Respond with "I want to stay by your side" to initiate the romance. Follow this phrase with "I want us to date," and the two will become a couple.

 Visit Hifumi Once More To Max Her Rank

Persona 5 Royal Hifumi Romance

After starting the romance, the only order of business left requires Joker to visit Hifumi once more. The two will take about their future goals and plans together. This rank can't be failed, so say whatever feels right in response to Hifumi's dialogue. Don't forget that Joker can visit her whenever he likes and invite her out on dates whenever he desires once the social link reaches its conclusion.

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