The days of ignoring status effects in Persona 5 are over— Royal has revamped the battle system to make it easier and worthwhile to use Technical combos on enemies.

A quick recap: Technical combos are triggered when a shadow inflicted with a status effect is hit with an attack of a corresponding element. They deal greater damage and have a small chance of downing the enemy, making them useful to employ against enemies that have no elemental weaknesses.

The status effects and their corresponding Technical combos are:

  • Burn: Wind and Nuclear skills
  • Freeze, Shock: Physical and Nuclear skills
  • Dizzy, Sleep: Any attack
  • Confuse, Fear, Despair, Rage, Brainwash: Psychic skills

How To Raise Your Technical Rank

You can increase the effectiveness of your technical combos by playing Billiards with your teammates. Penguin Sniper, the game bar where the billiards table is available, is unlocked during your first trip to Kichijoji on 6/5.

You start at Rank 1 by default, and rank up gradually through meeting certain conditions when playing Billiards. The effects of the Technical ranks and their conditions are as follows:

Rank 2:

  • Effect: Slightly increased damage
  • Conditions: Play billiards with your team, after which the owner will approach you to tell you about a book. Buy the book from the sports store at the Shibuya Underground Mall, read it, then return to play billiards once more with your friends. You will execute a behind the back trick shot and rank up.

Rank 3:

  • Effect: Increased damage and higher chance of downing enemies
  • Conditions: Buy the Jump Cue from the sports store. Return to play billiards. You will execute a jump trick shot and rank up.

Rank 4:

  • Effect: Greatly increased damage and 100% down chance
  • Conditions: Read the book given to you by the owner after the last time you played. Return to play. You will execute a massé trick shot and max your rank.

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Unlocking Further Combinations

The bookstore at Jinbocho will sell a book that unlocks additional Technical combos, but you’ll have to read through its entire previous catalogue before the shopkeeper will offer it to you. This means reading the first book, then buying and reading all four books on sale, at which point the last book will become available.

The combos unlocked by this book are:

  • Forget: Electric skills
  • Confusion: Gun and Wind skills
  • Fear: Ice skills
  • Rage: Fire skills
  • Brainwash: Bless skills

This endeavour is time-consuming as all the Jinbocho books save for the one that unlocks Technical combos are three pages, but it might be well worth it if you’d like more versatility in being able to target enemies under mind-related status effects with skills other than Psychic.

In addition, playing billiards and reading the Jinbocho books will offer social stat increases, so be sure to incorporate these activities into your weekly routine.

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