Stow that ghost-hunting kit away and suit up as a doomed archaeologist. Forewarned appears to be another Phasmophobia-like experience launching in Early Access on Steam next month, on September 10.

In a setting just as frightening as abandoned schools and haunted farmhouses, Forewarned is another 1-4 player co-op survival horror game that has you investigating new locations you probably should have still left alone. The formula is undeniably Phas, but developer Dreambyte Games is sending you on an archaeological expedition instead with quite a few new elements to change things up.

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Instead of identifying demons and scooting out of there, you'll explore a series of procedurally generated levels and run from randomized AI that keeps things different every time. Forewarned also arms you with a set of upgradeable archaeological devices to try and combat the enemy Mejai lurking in the dark, but not all of its monsters are the same. Forewarned's Mejai will terrorize your team in a variety of different ways, as several enemy types sport unique characteristics and abilities. There's even one that will mimic your friends, so trust no one.

Dreambyte's terrifying adventure into ancient Egyptian tombs will have you working to solve mysteries and uncover treasures locked away in its dark halls. Forewarned also uses the typical positional voice chat for in-game strategizing amongst friends, and it supports VR and PC crossplay - so no one is getting left to play in the ruins alone.


Forewarned's Early Access begins in less than two weeks now, but there's still plenty of frights like it if you aren't keen on waiting. Almost a year later, and Phasmophobia is still going strong with a new update in June that added two ghost types and daily objectives. There's also another just around the corner, which will add a creepy new encounter that's "quiet when hunting" - just in case you were beginning to feel a little brave in those abandoned prisons.

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